What Are Your Typical Monthly Living Expenses? [And How to Manage Them]

An unfortunate part of normal life is having and managing monthly living expenses.

Why Knowing Your Monthly Living Expenses Matters

One of the best ways of getting an accurate picture of your overall finances is knowing where your money is going every month. This will help you see clearly what expenses can be cut and what cannot.

What Are Typical Monthly Expenses To Know?

1. Housing

The largest expense for most households is the rent or mortgage. This expense will vary a lot depending on where you’re living.

What Are Typical Monthly Expenses To Know?

2. Utility bills

Most people prefer to keep their utility bills separate from their housing in the budget, since utility bills can vary depending on the month of the year.

What Are Typical Monthly Expenses To Know?

3. Transportation

For many people, transportation is the second-largest category on their expenses list — especially those who commute daily to work.

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