Where Should I Move?  How to Live Comfortably and Happily

One of the common questions you might ask yourself during your lifetime is, “Where should I move?”

Where You Live And Your Finances

Where you live can heavily influence how you manage your money and make it easier or harder to save for your future. Cost of living is a major factor to consider because the last thing you want to do is move to an area that makes it hard for you to get ahead financially.

14 Questions to Ask Before Moving

Before moving to a new place, make sure to check how much it costs in that city. You can use a CPI calculator from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to help you stay on track.

1. What’s the cost of living?

14 Questions to Ask Before Moving

If you don’t have a job opportunity, make sure you’re going somewhere where you could find a job easily or that there is opportunity in your career path.

2. Do you have a job opportunity?

14 Questions to Ask Before Moving

If you’re moving somewhere long term, do your research and learn about the city’s school, crime rates, housing costs, and tax system. Get some things done in advance so the entire move isn’t so stressful. 

3. Do you have an overall plan?

14 Questions to Ask Before Moving

Make sure you have enough in your savings to pay for the move so it’s not as stressful. Remember that you nearly always underestimate how much money you’ll spend on your move, so make sure to have a healthy emergency fund before packing up.

4. Can you afford it?

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