Why Is It Difficult to Save Money?  The Question Heard ‘Round the World

Why is it difficult to save money? Or another way to phrase it, why does it seem like saving money is so hard? I think it’s a pretty common question that people often wonder about.

Why It’s Difficult to Save Money

Costs like housing, education, healthcare, and childcare continues to rise and salaries are not keeping up as fast. You might agree or might argue against this, but there is valid truth to it.

Rising Housing, Education, Healthcare and Childcare Costs

Why It’s Difficult to Save Money

Between increased student loan costs and racking up credit card debt, saving money tends to be last on people’s mind. And depending on the size and interest of the debt, saving just does not take any priority.


Why It’s Difficult to Save Money

This means putting in some work to increase how much money you bring in. This can be a combo of improving your career worth, changing careers, starting a side hustle, or investing in income generating assets.

Not Generating Enough Income

Why It’s Difficult to Save Money

By not starting to track your spending, saving becomes quite difficult to do because you don’t actually know where all your money is going. There may be opportunities to reduce spending, cut back on certain expenses, and more that can help you start to save money.

Not Tracking Your Spending

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