Why Is It Difficult to Save Money? The Question Heard ‘Round the World 

Why is it difficult to save money? Or another way to phrase it, why does it seem like saving money is so hard?

The Question Heard ‘Round the World

- Two-thirds of Americans would struggle to scrounge up $1,000 in an emergency

And when it comes to saving habits in America,

-The average American saves less than 5% of his or her disposable income.

- Rising Housing, Education, Healthcare and Childcare Costs

- Debt

Why It’s Difficult  to Save Money

- Not Generating Enough Income

- Not Tracking Your Spending

Social Activity Hurting Your Pockets

Not Prioritizing Saving

Why It’s Difficult  to Save Money

Financial Ignorance

Not Wanting to Learn

Lifestyle Inflation

Why It’s Difficult  to Save Money

-Stop complaining about your financial situation, do something about it!

-Be patient. Learning how to save money and putting money away takes time.

Simple Tips to Make Saving Money A Bit Easier

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