Why Money Is Important And The Role It Plays in Our Lives

The reason money is so important is that it provides options for you to live a better life that you choose and puts you in control.

Why Is Money So Important?

1. Money Gives       Your Freedom

The Real Benefits of Money

2. Money Gives You      Options

3. Money Creates     Financial Security

4. Money Can Create     More Life Experiences

5. Money Helps You     Give Your Family More

6. Money Lets You                Give Back

The Real Benefits of Money

The Negative  Side of Money

1. Obsessing Over Money     Causes Problems

2. Making Money Can     Cause More Stress

3. Can Create More            Family Disagreements

For many looking to pursue financial freedom, that number of how much is enough comes to 25x of yearly expenses.

How Much Money Is Enough?

The real opportunity is to find the right balance where you see money as important, but a tool that can help you create better life experiences and opportunities.

Final Thoughts

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