Why We All Need to Stop Saying the Phrase,  “It Must Be Nice”

We need to abolish this phrase from our heads. Immediately.

We all know the phrase, “It must be nice.”

The reason?

This phrase is a bad habit, like biting your nails, but something with a bit more understanding and practice we can easily stop doing.

This phrase not only makes you a negative person, it also puts you in a negative state of mind, which pretty much sets you up for failure.

Puts you in a  negative mindset

Instead of trying and working hard to be your best, you shrug it off and say, “It must be nice.”

Holds you back

Saying “It must be nice” sounds more like you are belittling what they do/done or what they have, when it may not have been easy for them.

You don’t know  others circumstances

This is a call to ban the phrase, “It must be nice” or any variation of it.

I think the “Must be nice” mentality is part of what keeps us from succeeding.

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