5 Main Reasons Your Doctor Has a Side Hustle Currently

5 Reasons Your Doctor Has a Side Hustle

Whatever the side hustle, there are a handful of reasons your doctor may very well have more than one job.

#1: Doctors are Deep in Debt

Your doctor may be working a side job or even under the table jobs, simply to avoid treating their school debt like a mortgage.

Believe it or not, your doctor might not have dreamed of becoming a physician from the time he or she was a toddler.

#2 Personal Fulfillment

#3 A Goal-Driven Nature

After a lifetime of people-pleasing and achievement, your doctor wants to accomplish something more. That’s where a side hustle can be invaluable.

#4 Another Retirement Account

Physicians get a late start on retirement savings and often celebrate becoming “worthless,” that is escaping a negative net worth to finally break even, at some point in their thirties.

#5 A Transition to an Encore Career

Later in their careers, some doctors may decide to scratch the itch to try their hand at another profession entirely.

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