12 Things Women Confessed They Spent Way Too Much Freaking Money On

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Women love to indulge in their interests and hobbies, but sometimes they spend too much on things they don’t necessarily need or can afford.

From food shopping to backpacking gear and alcohol to therapy sessions, women have confessed to overspending on various items. Recently, women from an online community shared their confessions about the things they tend to overspend on.

1. Cat-Related Items

A feline lover revealed that after adopting an adult cat, she indulged in a shopping spree to buy everything for her new furry friend. This included food, toys, beds, scratching posts, and other cat-related items. The scratch posts alone can cause financial ruin!

2. Books

The love of reading has driven many individuals to spend more on books than anticipated, and one woman confessed to being a victim. The allure of a good book has a way of making one forget their budget, and this woman is no exception.

3. Food Shopping

A Swede admitted to spending way too much on groceries, paying $300 for a family of four, which only lasted for a short period. They revealed insufficient food for the whole month, highlighting how expensive groceries have become with worldwide inflation.

4. Backpacking Gear

A hiker and camping enthusiast revealed that they spent a significant amount of money on backpacking gear and were surprised at how expensive the gear for any hobby can be.

5. Work Clothes

One woman’s candid admission revealed that a considerable sum was spent on work clothes. The realization of having to buy clothing for the sake of an occupation, not one’s personal taste, was frustrating for them as adults.

6. Alcohol

The worst part about spending money on alcohol is that once it’s in you, it’s easier to keep making dumb purchases for more.

Several confessed that they spend way too much money on alcohol despite their efforts to reduce spending. One drinker admitted to spending $15 on a single cocktail multiple times in one night, causing them to regret their spending habits.

7. Therapy Sessions

While therapy can be a helpful experience for people healing trauma or working through life’s nuances, not everyone shares that experience.

One woman explained that they spent too much money on therapy sessions. Although they were hopeful that the therapy would be beneficial, it turned out to be a disappointing experience.

8. Dogs

The love for furry friends knows no bounds, and this user’s affection for their dogs led them to spend a considerable amount of money at the pet store.

While in for a $50 bag of food, the user saw their furry friend’s favorite treats, doggy frozen yogurt, and other supplies and ended up spending $130. The user admitted to going overboard, but their dogs’ happiness was worth it.

9. Fancy Desk Chair

Per a user’s assertion, they invested over $700 in a fancy office chair, which may appear ludicrous for a mere desk chair. However, she expressed it was worth it as she worked from home and had spent months with neck and back pain. Since purchasing the chair, the pain has completely disappeared.

10. Storage Shelves

Somebody added that they spent too much money on storage shelves after cleaning out their basement storage unit. They purchased two shelving units to help with organization and spent $200. Although it was necessary for their storage needs, they couldn’t help but sigh at the cost.

11. Embroidery Kits

Embroidery kits hold a special place in many women’s hearts, as they admit. However, the realization of having spent excessive money on them struck a chord with her. Although she has yet to open many of them, she can’t seem to stop herself from purchasing more.

12. Jewelry

Finally, one woman admitted they had spent too much on jewelry, especially when buying cheap ones that don’t last long. They decided to stop buying the cheap ones and instead invest in lovely earrings, ring sets, and a Star of David necklace to replace their old ones that began deteriorating.

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