10 “Stupid Hobbies” That Only Rich People Enjoy According to the Internet

What sport or activity do you only know as a rich man’s hobby? For me, anything involving horses always demonstrated a fair amount of wealth. The internet speaks about the other ten things that represent wealth.

1. Collecting Cars

Sports car
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A gaggle of folks claims rich people love to collect cars for the sole purpose of letting them sit in the garage. They say these people waste money on fancy toy cars they never drive in order to flash their collection. Like Hot Wheels, but with real vehicles.

2. Climbing Everest

Man climbing Mount Everest
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Decades ago, climbing Mount Everest was considered an impossible feat reserved for the most daring, resilient individuals walking the Earth. Today, money brings tourists to the mountain, where they meet Sherpas or guides native to the region who assist with the climb. Many users on this thread believe the wealthy who climb Everest take their Sherpas for granted.

3. Bear Hunting

Bear in forest
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“I live in Germany. A guy in my neighborhood hit the lottery. The first thing he did was to fly to Russia and go Bear hunting. I can’t understand why someone dreams of killing beautiful animals. Almost like the movie Ghost Dog,” a German citizen ponders. Another forum member reports their friend travels to Alaska yearly to go bear hunting and make bear jerky.

4. Polo

Woman playing Polo
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Here’s a combination of dressage and cricket. Players hot atop horseback and waltz through the field in marching band uniforms with lengthy wooden mallets. The goal is to hit the ball in the opposing team’s goal. Costs add up between coaching, horses, equipment, and gear.

5. Being Cheap

Woman eating pizza with friends
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“One of my friends has the money to buy the restaurants we eat at, but if we split an item, she’ll fraction how much she puts towards it. ‘I only ate one slice of pizza, and there are 6 in total, so I’ll put down 1/6.’ She also factors this into tipping. Drives me mental,” a middle-class citizen rages. A separate middle-class person retorts rich people don’t keep wealth by donating it to lower-class people.

6. MMA Fights

MMA fighter in training
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MMA stands for mixed martial arts, and at its heart, it is a full-contact combat sport featuring a wealth of techniques from various martial art disciplines. Somehow, society convoluted the sport and turned it into a competition between the wealthiest people in the world. Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerburg are in the next hyper-publicized cage fight.

7. Horse Riding

Woman near horse
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One commenter remembers their ex-girlfriend’s hobby of horse riding. “Horses aren’t cheap, neither are carriages, trailers, maintenance, keeping your horse fed and healthy, getting a special license for riding trailers (which is mandatory above certain weights/lengths here), gear for your horse, gear for yourself,” he reports.

Someone else adds their sorrow over what Dressage has become. “Dressage — classical dressage — should be the foundation of everything you do with a horse, whether you trail ride, barrel race, chase cows, or jump afterward. In its best form, dressage should be like physiotherapy. It develops good posture and appropriate muscles. It develops the strength and balance a horse needs to carry a rider, does things without getting hurt, and stay sound long term.”

They continue. “That being said, I can relate to people being put off by modern competitive dressage. It has become a spectacle of shelling out lots of money for a horse that can throw his legs up high, and the contempt for dressage amongst non-dressage people is obvious. It’s so sad.”

8. Exotic Animal Hunting

Snow leopard in the snow covered mountains
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Most respondents on this thread can’t understand why anyone wants to pay large sums of money to hunt an exotic animal. They aren’t upset over the sport of hunting for food but the idea of traveling to foreign countries to hunt large, exotic species and mount them on displays.

9. Private Jets

Business man in Private Jet
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This person mentioned wealthy people flying on private jets specifically to attend climate change conventions. This action undercuts the point of visiting the climate change convention by contributing to harmful and toxic gases in the ozone.

10. High-End Trading Cards

Warsaw, Poland - February 24 2019: Fifa Panini 365 cards collection 2019. A pile of cards with football/soccer players, messy look
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Numerous people nominate high-end trading cards as being a “stupid” hobby. “Can we all take the time to appreciate how this is the same exact way that spoiled little [girl] Veruca Salt got her golden ticket to get into Wonka’s factory? And that it was specifically shown as an egregious use of wealth in the book and movie?” one asks.

Source: Reddit.