Earn. Save. Invest. Live

Here at Invested Wallet, we want to help you live a life you love.

And, well, life requires money. 

Need ideas to earn more? How to find savings so you have money to invest? Where to invest it so it grows? Want to enjoy life without emptying your wallet? We got you.

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Earn. Save. Invest. Live

Who Are We?

We’re investors building a life we love through the process of earn, save, invest, repeat. Join us on our journey no matter where you are on yours.


A Pharmacist by day and a successful real estate investor by night managing a portfolio of 3 rental properties. Wife to Jonathan of Parent Portfolio, Mom of 2; Lover of all things crafty and organization.


A Freelance Writer by day and a third-generation female stock investor by night. Mom of 2 living in a High Cost of Living Area (HCOLA) with her gamer husband. Travel Obsessed, Lover of Naps, Self Proclaimed Frugal Fannie.

What You’ll Find on Invested Wallet

You’ll find stories about people still in the trenches that are working on bettering their personal finances.

Some content you will find on Invested Wallet: 

  • Money basics
  • Financial tools
  • Personal stories
  • Investing insights
  • Money saving tips
  • How to make money
  • Career and salary tips
  • Side hustle ideas
Side note: If you are ready to change your finances, you have to start by knowing your actual net worth and spending habits. Personal Capital is a free tool that makes it easy to keep track of both those things and more.

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History of Invested Wallet

Started in 2018 by Todd Kunsman, Invested Wallet is now helmed by Jacqueline and Monica, continuing the site’s mantra that anyone can take control and better their financial future.

If you are looking to connect, have questions please feel free to contact us at hello@investedwallet.com

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