11 Tried and True Ways to Actually Save Money

11 Tried and True Ways to Actually Save Money

Just as making small dietary changes can have a big impact on your waistline, slight shifts to your spending habits can improve your financial position before you know it. Today, we’re going through 11 tried and tested saving tips that deliver the desired results with minimal fuss.

Best Way to Invest Money

Is There a Best Way to Invest Money? 6 Financial Experts Weigh In

The way people talk about investing money makes it seem like magic. Have you seen TikToks or Tweets that talk about putting $5 a day into an account and turning it into $2.3 million? Sure, it’ll take five decades to accumulate and a 10% annual return, but it’s enough to make you reconsider that morning Starbucks!The question remains, though, What’s the best way to invest money so you, too, can become a wealth wizard?


The 8 Ways Venmo Makes Money Off Of You

While Venmo may appear to be a free service, it can be pretty expensive if you don’t understand how it works as a business. So, how exactly does Venmo make money from its customers? Let’s find out.