12 Best Cash Envelope Wallets To Help You Budget Better

By Todd Kunsman

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For most people, their finances have become digital and much of the spending today is through the use of credit cards or debit cards.

It seems rarer these days that people carry cash or much of it anymore.

However, if you are looking to budget better and need more discipline to get started, then using a cash envelope wallet can be a great idea.

These cash envelope wallets help you easily carry cash, but also divide up your money into manageable categories that help you stick with your budget.

But, there are a ton of cash wallet options out there. You may want something that is not only functional to your budget needs but is durable and even a bit stylish as you end up using your wallet every day.

What is The Cash Envelope Wallet System?

The cash envelope wallet system is a simple process that helps you stay on track with spending. The system means planning your monthly spending in advance and taking cash out of the bank in preparation for all of your purchases.

And this budget strategy ensures you don’t add to the debt or pay via credit card too much, and aims to get you into better spending habits. 

Your wallet should contain a number of different envelopes depending on the spending categories within your budget. For example, you may pay your rent or mortgage and bills via direct debit, but put groceries, household items, and clothing on a card.

Each envelope will be for a different category and will cap your spending. If you want to learn more about this, I did a deeper dive into the cash envelope budgeting system.

Best Cash Envelope Wallets

While you can create or organize your own cash envelope wallet, you might not know where to begin or maybe you don’t have the “creative touch.” And that’s okay! There are quite a few cash envelop wallets out there that you can buy and use how you want.

It can also be a fashion statement, as many not only have great functionality for your budget but have some style.

Determine how many envelopes you’ll need and whether you’d like to combine this budgeting method with your general cash and cards.

If you have young children around, maybe getting laminated or waterproof envelopes would be something to consider in order to make the purchase durable and worthwhile. 

Here are some of the best cash envelope wallets to consider (there is no particular order or preference).

1. Magicfly Cash Envelope Wallet 

Magicfly Cash Envelope Wallet

Magicfly offers an incredibly popular envelope wallet, with over 500 Amazon reviews (averaging 4.6 out of 5 stars!). It is made of waterproof laminated paper and is also tear-resistant.

Customers love that the card slots are large enough to fit multiple credit cards and 12 different envelopes for a range of miscellaneous categories. Plus, each envelope comes with a tracking card to further aid your budgeting. 

2. Divvy Up The Savvy Spender

Divvy Up The Savvy Spender

The Divvy Up envelope wallet is much more subtle and discreet, perfect for the style-conscious budgeted. With this wallet, you’ll have room for your phone, checkbook, and more. It also includes 12 card slots, 2 long pockets, a zipper pouch, and a slot for all your envelopes.

The black, leather wallet is smaller than some others, reaching 8.5 inches in length. If you’re after the feeling of a true wallet, rather than a folder or binder; this may be the choice for you. 

3. Soligt All-in-One Cash Envelope Wallet

Soligt All-in-One Cash Envelope Wallet

Soligt provides value for money with their envelope wallet package; offering the wallet and envelopes alongside budget sheets. It includes 12 envelopes, 12 budget sheets, and 1 binder note for organizing.

This gives you an all-in-one tracking system to work alongside your budget for total control. You’ll have to be quick with this one; as Soligt is so popular that it’s often sold-out! 

4. Dave Ramsey Wallet

Dave Ramsey Wallet

Dave Ramsey, already well-known in the money management community, has now brought out a range of budgeting tools to help you curb the spending and build your savings.

His Dave Ramsey Wallet includes a starter, standard, and deluxe versions of the envelope wallet; even with replacement and refill budgeting sheets for your tracking. Perfect for the long-term envelope wallet user; there are a number of colors and styles available so that you can choose one that suits you. 

Bonus: One Dave Ramsey’s website, he’s added additional cash envelope wallets with other budgeting tools you can check out here.

5. Hommie All-in-One Cash Envelope Wallet

Hommie All-in-One Cash Envelope Wallet

If you’re looking for something colorful and fun, Hommie may be the brand for you. Instead of a wallet, they provide a durable binder to fix each of your 12 budgeting envelopes. The package also comes with budget sheets and labels, offering great value. 

6. Slim Budget Envelopes Wallet

Slim Budget Envelopes Wallet

Naturally, it can be easy to have security concerns when you’re carrying so much cash. So, this wallet enhances typical security features and offers RFID technology to protect your cards from fraud.

The Slim Budget Envelopes Wallet is also fairly minimalistic; allowing you to keep your cash envelopes under the radar. It comes with there popular 6 plastic horizontal money envelopes, 12 two-sided expense tracking sheets, and a yearly budget to efficiently track your spending.

7. With You All-in-One Cash Budget System Wallet

With You All-in-One Cash Budget System Wallet

This stylish wallet could easily be mistaken for your typical leather wallet, but is in fact spacious enough for 12 cash envelopes alongside labels, card holders and budget tracking sheets.

One for the budget-savvy; this cash envelope wallet is loved on Amazon; with over 76 5-Star reviews. Learn more about the All-in-One Cash Budget System Wallet.

8. Afmat All-in-One Cash Envelope Wallet

Afmat All-in-One Cash Envelope Wallet

The Afmat system is perfect for budgeting parents; with waterproof and durable cash envelopes to protect against wear and tear.

Plus; materials come in a range of colors which makes this brand the go-to for those who think visually. Once again; it sells out often so you’ll have to be quick on the restocks. Learn more about the Afmat All-in-One Cash Envelope.

9. Expanded Horizons RFID Blocking 10 Divider Cash Envelope Wallet

Expanded Horizons RFID Blocking 10 Divider Cash Envelope Wallet

With ten different envelopes and RFID blocking technology; the Expanded Horizons wallet is robust and durable.

The product also comes with labels and a pen for keeping super-organized under all of the budgeting pressure. This product is coveted by customers; who prefer this cash envelope wallet over other styles! 

10. Esprite Clear Plastic Binder Envelopes with PU Leather Notebook

Clear Plastic Binder Envelopes with PU Leather Notebook

The budget-conscious girly-girl in your life will fall in love with this baby-pink Espirite binder. Who says you can’t save money while looking good?

The envelopes themselves are clear for ease of use; and made from PVC which amps up the tear resistance.

One warning: this product is slightly smaller than some others on the list; so ensure its dimensions fit your desired size. Learn more about the Esprite Clear Plastic Binder Envelopes Wallet.

11. All Planets Cash Envelope Wallet System

All Planets Cash Envelope Wallet System

This cash envelope system comes straight from the stars! It offers 36 (you read that right!) budget tracking sheets alongside a durable binder to house your cash envelopes; making this one of the longest lasting envelope systems on the market.

Its planetary theme makes this product ideal for any gender, and the pen spot is incredibly handy if you’re a fan of taking notes. Learn more about the All Planets Cash Envelope Wallet.

12. AnconKton 12 Cash Envelope Wallet

AnconKton 12 Cash Envelope Wallet

The design has been prioritized with the AnconKton envelope system; as the wallet is made from good quality leather and a high-quality zip.

Plus, each of these envelopes come in a unique pattern so you can avoid mixing up cash for your groceries with fuel. This kit even comes with a how-to guide if you’re not quite there on the budgeting system. 

Buy a Cash Envelope Wallet or Make Your Own?

The bottom line with cash envelope wallets is that they exist to aid your budgeting.

If you feel that professionally made envelopes will motivate you into sticking to your money plans; then by all means a small Amazon purchase will likely be worthwhile.

However, some of these can get pricey if you buy a well-known brand. Additionally, some cash envelope wallets might not have everything you personally need for your budgeting efforts.

But if you aren’t sure where to begin or need more customizations for your needs, you could create a DIY cash envelope.

DIY Cash Envelope Wallets

DIYing cash envelopes is simple and will allow you to test out the process. Sometimes we can find ourselves jumping between trends and fads, so it may not be worth investing in some cash envelopes if they’ll start gathering dust within a few weeks. 

To DIY your own cash envelopes; simply download an online template (if you search for templates online, you’ll find quite a bit), print, and fold. Then you can label, organize, and create a wallet that is more custom to your needs.

And to make these more durable, you can try laminating your envelopes in order to keep them looking fresh. 

Tip: Need more help with your budgeting efforts? I put together a complete guide that covers it all. Read the Budgeting 101 guide!