Investing in Real Estate

Looking at Real Estate Syndication? Here’s What You Need To Know

Suppose you prefer to be a passive real estate investor as part of a group investing in one property and avoid the burdensome duties of landlords. Real estate syndication may be attractive to someone with capital who prefers to be a passive investor rather than getting involved in an investment property’s operational aspects. 

Recession-Proof Stocks 13 Stocks to Buy to Weather the Storm Story Poster Image

Are There Recession-Proof Stocks? Here’s What Experts Say

Investing in stock involves a tradeoff between risk and reward. Hence, there are not really recession proof stocks. However, some stocks perform better during recessions. They have attributes that make them defensive during these times, meaning they perform better and are not as volatile. The key is to find and invest in them.

Best Cheap Stocks To Buy Now

The 5 Best Cheap Stocks To Buy Now

Everyone loves to buy something on sale. For investors, that means finding undervalued stocks. Although available during bull markets, investors usually find more cheap stocks …

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What Is Dollar-Cost-Averaging? And Is It the Best Way to Invest?

Dollar-cost-averaging (DCA) is a systematic program of investing equal sums of money at regular intervals regardless of the investment’s price. It’s a simple approach requiring you to determine two parameters: the fixed amount for each period and how often.

The 3 Best Stocks to Buy to Fight Inflation

The 3 Best Stocks to Buy to Fight Inflation

It’s probably not possible to entirely inflation-proof your stock portfolio. However, you can fight inflation with a more diversified portfolio. Below we discuss some of the best stocks to buy for that purpose.