10 Investments People Confessed To Making for Themselves

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As adults, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind and let personal issues slide by the wayside. As a result, we neglect things like deep personal hygiene, that newer car we need, or that vacation we’ve been putting off, despite the hit to our mental health.

That doesn’t mean that all is lost, however. You can still commit to yourself; an online community provides excellent ways to start.

1. Great Skincare

One person said the best they’ve felt was when they spent money on a dermatologist. Suffering from adult acne can be difficult, if not downright depressing. However, this individual couldn’t brag enough about how great they’ve felt since hiring a dermatologist to help them take great care of their skin.

While a dermatologist might be out of reach for many, great skincare products aren’t. Some top performers like SkinCeuticals, Nutrogena, Drunk Elephant, and more have ingredients and products that can help with everything from wrinkles and oily skin to adult acne and dark circles.

2. Home

Sometimes an investment in yourself comes in the form of real estate. One individual found this out when they bought an apartment. The idea of not having to pay rent was so freeing to them and was an excellent and worthwhile investment both financially and for their mental health.

If purchasing real estate is out of reach, a few nights at an Airbnb might give you the jump you need to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. At any rate, a weekend staycation certainly can’t hurt when Monday rolls around.

3. Laser Hair Removal

Cosmetic procedures can frequently get lumped in with things like plastic surgery, which we’ve all seen enough on reality TV to know how fast that sort of change can go wrong.

But occasionally, you encounter a procedure that will transform your life, which is the case for more than one person. One commenter listed it as a way to wellness, not ever having to worry about shaving rashes or prickly underarm hair after getting laser hair removal.

For anyone who’s spent money on cheap razors only to regret it, we don’t blame you for sinking money into this cosmetic procedure.

4. Smile

Hardly anyone would argue that smiling is an essential part of what makes us human, yet many people hide their smiles because of bad, crooked, or crowded teeth.

One individual said the best thing they ever did for themselves was to put money — to the tune of $8500 — into their smile.

Invisaline, a weekly alignment set custom-made for your mouth, allows you to straighten your teeth gradually throughout treatment. Each case is different, and only a qualified dentist can tell you about your specific needs, but this person thought it was worth every penny.

5. College

Another never thought they’d have a want or need to go to “post-secondary” school but found out quite nicely that it’s helped them become “rather successful so far.”

While only some people want to do the college route, earning even an Associate’s Degree can boost your resume beyond primary or high school alone.

For this person, it also helped them realize their relationship, at the time, was abusive and gave them the courage to leave it behind.

6. Therapy

More than one person listed therapy as a great, soul-saving opportunity they were so glad they took. Airing your fears, concerns, successes, and any other baggage you’re carrying can do wonders for your mental, physical, and emotional health.

And doing so without the fear of being judged by someone you know is even better. People might make crack jokes about ‘shrinks’ and ‘head cases,’ but most likely are also in therapy.


Being able to see well is easily a fantastic way to spend some cash on yourself. And as one person pointed out, “You don’t want to be that person in a zombie apocalypse who gets their glasses knocked off and dies because they can’t see anything.”

LASIK surgery can be pricey, mainly depending on where you live. Still, insurance may cover part or all of the LASIK procedure, and it is worth checking if eyesight is a thing for you.

8. Fitness

Whether you use YouTube, buy a home fitness kit, or subscribe to a gym membership, fitness was quickly a top contender for many people on ways to splurge on yourself.

Several comments also expressed a love for the group setting and the sauna. Being able to learn with others can often make awkward moments seem less so. And who could argue that being physically active is a bad thing?

9. Good Transportation

No matter where you live, having access to good transportation is essential to living a happy life. Stressing over how to get groceries, make a doctor’s appointment or generally get where you want to go can be overwhelming when you need reliable transportation. 

More than one commenter said their car was their best gift, and we agree it’s a worthwhile present. 

10. Hope

While this might not cost money, being able to say you have hope in yourself or even that you feel hopeful might be the best boon you can give to yourself. After all, hope is what makes everything else possible. So it made it on this list of best investments in self. What’s yours?

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