FlexJobs Review: Is FlexJobs Currently Worth Paying For?

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The idea of working from home, whether full-time or in a freelance role can be very attractive and rewarding.

However, sometimes finding legit gigs can be tiresome and can be hard to tell if a job is a scam or not.

The question becomes how do you find solid remote jobs that not only are legit, but will help you land the job much faster?

That’s where FlexJobs becomes a potential option for you. And the platform has been around since 2007 helping people find great work from home jobs.

But what is this platform about? Is it legit? What are the benefits of joining? I’ll explore these questions and more in the below FlexJobs review.

Quick Review:  In short, I RECOMMEND FlexJobs for freelance and remote work. It is a platform with various options, and I give it a 8.5/10 score. You can sign-up here to get access to the best flexible jobs and more.

What is FlexJobs?

FlexJobs is a website that helps people find flexible and remote jobs, ranging from freelance work, work-from-home jobs or part-time online jobs. FlexJobs researches qualifying jobs and screens them to make sure they are good quality and not a scam.

FlexJobs is great for people who are looking for more flexible jobs that are worth applying for and weed out ones not worth your time.

However, the main difference from other job sites is that with FlexJobs, you’ll pay a monthly fee in order to access the jobs and various platform features. 

Don’t let that scare you as FlexJobs is quite affordable and will help you find some of the best gigs around. I’ll share more about their costs in a section a bit further down!

What kind of jobs are on FlexJobs?

FlexJobs posts all kinds of jobs so you’re sure to find something that fits within your skillset or what you might be interested in doing. Here is a a quick sample of some popular types of jobs FlexJobs has on their platform.

Education jobs

You can find teaching positions, work for a university or as an assistant to a professor.

Data entry

Anything from coding, data analytics and data collecting.


You can find everything from specialist accounting, to general accounting and accounting teaching positions.


You’ll be able to find clients for your freelancing gig, work as a writer for a company, or work in specialized services such as a medical writer.


Digital marketing is a growing need and essential for any business, so you’ll find plenty of positions and needs in this field.

But Wait…There’s Tons More!

As I mentioned, this is only scratching the surface of the types of jobs you can find and industries. Check out the short video grab of all their job categories!

FlexJobs Product Features

So what makes FlexJobs interesting, considering there are a few free career websites and remote job boards out there?

Beyond researching all these job listings for you first and partnering with some of the biggest brands in the world, FlexJobs has some other cool perks.

Company guides

FlexJobs also publishes reviews on specific companies. Whenever there’s a company you’re interested in applying for, the platform will offer information on how the company works, what other jobs are posted and reviews from other employees.

This also includes exclusive access to video training and webinars, to ensure you are learning how to maximize your job hunting and remote work skills.

Resume builder

FlexJobs helps you build your own CV or resume. If you’re not sure what characteristics a company may be looking for or how to format your resume, FlexJobs will help you put it all together in one template. Many employers actually prefer hiring through the platform so it’s worth filling in the native CV builder.

Additional resume help

Besides the resume builder and profile, you can get additional help with a Resume Review. This is a feature where you get a FlexJobs career coach that will take your existing resume and edit it to create a more effective document to help you land a specific gig. Now this will be an extra cost, but you get a massive discount if you bundle this together.

Email notifications

You can request to get an email every time a new job is posted. You’ll get a notification through your email and you’ll be able to apply right away (no longer need to hit the refresh button for new jobs!). This can give you a competitive advantage if you are looking for immediate work.

Skills test

FlexJobs offer a number of skills tests you can do to add on your CV. Those tests include Microsoft Excel testing, accounting, languages and many more. You can even do a test on communications, creativity and attitude in the workplace. 

Discounts and deals

When you are a paying member for FlexJobs, they also offer you some additional perks. One of which is various discounts and deals with their many company partners. These can vary from 10% to 50% off! Some of their partners include Dell, Audible, Grammarly, Quickbooks, Skillcrush, and more.

How Much Does FlexJobs Cost?

So far, this all sounds pretty good right? A great place to find great remote and freelance jobs, plus ones that can help you make some good money.

But this service means signing-up for a monthly subscription, but let’s go into the details a bit here.

Why does FlexJobs costs money?

FlexJobs costs money because they hire researchers to properly screen every single job that’s posted on the platform. They have entire teams whose job is to find the “perfect” job for you but also provide additional services to you as well.   

FlexJobs subscriptions costs

FlexJobs offers a few subscriptions, each can be valuable to you in different ways and pending on your timeline for work.

For example, if you just wanted to test it out you can opt to try pay for one week. This will cost $6.95, very affordable for potential to find some good paying gigs.

However, some of their other subscription options include:

  • 1 month for $14.95:  If your job search is going to be short or you are not looking for ongoing freelance work, this plan might make sense.
  • 3 months for $29.95: Maybe you know your resume needs work and you want to spend time finding the best remote job, then this might be your better option.
  • 1 year for $49.95: Now if you plan on going into the freelance only direction and want to find various jobs throughout the year, then a yearly subscription would make sense.
FlexJobs Pricing

They also don’t have any advertisements on their website and never publish any scams (you may find a lot of those on other job sites).

If you really want a work from home job and are planning on doing one long term, FlexJobs is worth it. It can take a long time to find jobs that take on remote workers and be sure that they aren’t scams — FlexJobs does all that hard work for you.

The job postings are usually of higher quality, which means there is likely to be less competition and therefore a higher probability for you to get picked. And if you’re not happy with what they offer, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Why Should I Sign Up for FlexJobs?

You should sign up for FlexJobs if you are looking for a high quality, legit work-from-home job. There are many sketchy remote job positions on sites like Craigslist — with FlexJobs, you can rest assured you’re applying to a real job position.

Another good reason to pick FlexJob is that they offer a much more advanced search feature than other job boards.

With that feature, you can filter by keywords, career level, schedule and a lot more. This allows you to truly pick the type of job that you want instead of spending hours scrolling through job websites.

FlexJobs Job Search

But here are a few additional reasons to consider joining FlexJobs:

  • 25,000+ jobs and 5,600+ companies listed on FlexJobs (and growing!).
  • Over 50 career categories all with various remote jobs and freelance work.
  • Completely ad-free platform experience for less distraction and less preferential job treatment.
  • Tons of career and job support offered to help you land more great remote jobs and work.
  • Unique member discounts on tons of partners and companies to maximize your spending and save money.
  • Affordable plans and if you’re not satisfied, you can simply cancel and ask for a refund within 30 days.

Is FlexJobs Legit?

FlexJobs is a legit company that publishes real job offers on its platform. Many other well-known job platforms also charge a fee to help you find a good job, so it’s not an unusual business model.

Many work from home job listings are scams (looking at you multi-level marketing) and just end up sending you spam or asking you to pay for other services.

Additionally, FlexJobs has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau and takes their service very seriously.

Is FlexJobs Worth Paying For?

If you want to better your career, find legit and good paying remote or freelance gigs, and to jump start your work life from home — then FlexJobs is absolutely worth paying for and using. Plus, the cost is minimal and you can request a refund in 30 days if you don’t find it valuable.

Some FlexJobs Alternatives

Although FlexJobs is certainly a solid choice, I can understand the hesitation as well. If you are looking to make some quick money, check out some of these gig economy apps.

However, if remote work is interesting to you or you are looking for more opportunities to freelance but don’t want to dive into FlexJobs quite yet — no worries! There are a few alternatives to consider both free and paid.


Freelancer.com is a great alternative to FlexJobs if you want to try being a freelancer and taking on individual gigs. It’s a huge platform with millions of jobs posted from all industries.

There’s also a large variety in skills needed, including designing, writing and coding.


Upwork is another gig platform that publishes thousands of freelancer jobs every day. Joining Upwork is free, and you get a specific amount of credits when applying to jobs.

There are all types of jobs on there for you so you are bound to find something that could fit you.

One thing to keep in mind is that gigs are usually low cost so you may not find clients who are willing to pay that much — you will have to do some research and experimenting to find good quality clients. 


Indeed is another well-known job board that publishes jobs in your area as well as remote work opportunities. You can easily use filters that meet different criteria and fit what you’re looking for.

You can also add your CV which makes it easier to apply to several jobs in a row. You also won’t have to pay a fee to apply.

Working Nomads

Working Nomads is a newer site that is specifically targeted towards people who want remote work or freelance gigs. You will need to pay a fee in order to join but the site posts over 30 new jobs per week with jobs focused on software development, marketing and customer support.

The search and browse features are pretty powerful and you can get a personalized list of job updates in your email. 


ZipRecruiter is a huge job board with millions of job postings. They publish jobs from all industries and everything freelancing to full-time work. They don’t charge fees, which makes it easier to test out without committing. The main issue is that because it’s so large, you can easily end up spending hours searching through job lists.


LinkedIn will always be a great place to find jobs. That’s because you can actually engage with potential employers and share your thoughts and ideas through your own profile, boosting your CV.

It’s the natural place for many employers to go to, so you just need to use the search bar and look for jobs that you may be interested in. And it’s also a good place to learn more about a company, get in contact with the employees and build a network.

FlexJobs Review



  • Affordable pricing options
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Variety of jobs to choose from
  • Vetted jobs for highest qualtiy

  • Some jobs are listed on free sites
  • Salaries are not always posted
  • No free option, only paid platform