29 Hobbies That Make Money [The Simple List to Boost Income]

By Todd Kunsman

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Many people may not realize it, but you can actually make money from your hobbies. 

This can be exciting to think about or realize, because most people unfortunately, do not love their full-time jobs. 

Their full-time gig is basically a way to make a living, pay the bills, and take care of family.

Yet, when you talk to anyone about their hobbies outside of work, you see a spark and a passion come to life. People love working on things they enjoy! 

And the above might also describe you as well. 

But almost every hobby can be scaled into side income and others might even become your new full-time job! 

Below I put together a mix of 29 hobbies that make money. Hopefully, some of these get the money-making wheels turning for you or help you see your earning potential.

Hobbies That Make Money Online

While people have been making money from hobbies for years, the invention of the internet has created many more opportunities.

1. Freelancer

If you have a skill like in areas like digital marketing, writing, or programming and love the work, you can make money by freelancing. You can reach out to your online networks, friends, or family to start getting some paid work. 

Or you can also turn to freelance websites to start getting some paid gigs. Some of the popular ones to check out include:

2. Starting A Blog

Blogging is one of my personal favorite hobbies that make money. I love digital marketing, writing, and figuring out how to grow a blog to generate income. 

You can start a blog on any topic as there is a market for pretty much every subject.

You can turn your passion into a blog that makes money from numerous ways like advertising, affiliate marketing, brand partnerships, selling digital assets, sponsored content or reviews, or selling the blog down the road for a lump sum of money.

It’s important to note that blogging is tough and can take time to make money from. In over a year of blogging, I’m just now making consistent monthly revenue.

But if you love writing and the topic, stick with it and you will see your income grow.

3. Selling Your Art & Crafts

Do you have some serious artistic or crafting talent? Whether you think your stuff is good or not, there is a market of people looking to buy it. 

Now the arts and crafts category is pretty massive, so there are quite a few things that fit this category like:

  • Jewelry
  • Paintings
  • Clothing
  • Pottery
  • Greeting Cards

But you can sell this through your own online store or take advantage of websites like Etsy and Society6, which make it easier for your work to be found.

4. Dropshipping

Although this might be more of a side hustle that you start as a business, it can still apply to your hobby pending what that is currently. 

Dropshipping is pretty popular right now, but can be a great way to learn more about starting a business of your own.

This means you do not keep goods in stock but instead transfer the customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler. They then ship it for you. 

Example: Say  you love cars and working on them. You could turn that passion into a dropshipping business where you sell car parts to other car enthusiasts. 

You can do dropshipping through your own online store like on Shopfiy or even through eBay.

5. Flipping Items Online

Do you love antiques or finding and selling specific products? This can be a cool way to make extra money by flipping these items on eBay or Craigslist. 

For instance, let’s say you are really knowledge in vintage watches. If you find good prices and clean them up, you could sell them online for a profit! 

You can start going to garage sales or antique stores to find discounted items, say like $10. Then your goal is to sell that item for $25, $50, or even more.

It can be anything where you find good margins and a demand, where there are people looking for these items.

6. Graphic Design

I went to college for graphic design and at the time I was really passionate about it. In my spare time, I would work on designing various things through my computer. 

I quickly found out that there were some crowdfunding sites for graphic work like 99Designs and Crowdspring where I could make some extra money.

Here’s how those sites work: people have design projects like creating logos, brochures, web design layouts — and if your work is picked you are paid. 

But you can also make money with your graphic work in a few other ways too like creating stock graphics that others can buy like on Creative Market

7. Youtube Channel

I think almost everyone under the age of fourteen now wants to be a “Youtuber.” Seriously, I’ve heard it a few times from family and other parents, it’s pretty wild. 

Although I’m not sure that’s a good career goal, it can become a money making hobby.

Whatever your passions are and if you are not afraid to be in front of the camera, Youtube can generate some income for you.

The challenge is, everything is hosted on Youtube so you abide by their rules and have less control on what they do with monetizing. 

But you can make money through ads, sponsorships you include in your videos, or even reviews of affiliates and link them on your videos. 

But every topic imaginable is on Youtube and it is one of the largest video platforms in the world. You’ll most likely have no problem finding a market. But like blogging, it takes time to build an audience and start making money. 

8. Start A Podcast

By now, you know that podcasting has taken over the online world.

Almost every business and seems anyone and everyone is starting a podcast. Don’t let that deter you because people still love to discover new ones!

Again, similar to blogging and Youtube, don’t expect payouts right away or income for a bit. You have to build an audience. But if you love the idea, have some great topics, starting a podcast about your hobby could be a good idea.

You can also tie your podcast into your blog or dropshipping business, which can help sales and audience reach.

You can monetize your podcast by ads, sponsorships, talking about your own products, or affiliates.  

9. Flipping Websites

Digital real estate is booming and with websites being so important, it’s a great way to make money. If your hobby involves working on websites or digital marketing, you don’t necessarily have to create a blog or dropshipping business.

Instead you can buy websites for cheap, improve them a bit, then resell them on the market for a profit. Many people have made a good side hustle out of it and even turn this into a full-time gig. 

You don’t have to necessarily be a master of digital marketing to succeed, but it can give you a slight advantage. You can find many domains and websites for sale on many domain registrars or you can go to a site like Flippa.

10. Social Media 

It should be no surprise that social media is included in the list of hobbies that make money. These social platforms dominate the internet and how many people and brands stay connected. 

So how can you make money from social media? Well, a few ways and depends on your knowledge and passion.

If you have grown your following to big numbers, brands will pay you as an influencer for posts. While celebrities are the ones that make six-figure deals, anyone with a few thousand followers that has social engagement can make some extra money. 

The other way is many companies outsource their social media accounts. You can become a consultant and handle the social media accounts for businesses and get paid to do so. 

11. Streaming Video Games

What a time to be alive, am I right? I remember first hearing about this concept back in the early days of a platform called Twitch. People pay to watch other people play video games. 

In the beginning of Twitch, it seemed to be such a weird concept. However, it has really taken off. Some of the Twitch users that have decent or huge audiences, are making a ton of money!

Video gaming has been a popular hobby for some time now, but it is now making careers. 

By streaming your video game playing, you can make money off ads, ask your audience for donations, create a subscription service, even get sponsored as a pro and enter tournaments. 

You could also share across platforms like Youtube and make additional money.

12. Online Tutor 

If you are a subject matter expert in something particular, you can become an online tutor.

Whether that is working with kids, other adults, or creating an online course to teach others, you have options. 

While you could teach an array of subjects, if you have a core knowledge in particular ones like English, math, or science — they will pay the best. And yes some people see math as a hobby…yuck!

It depends on how much time you want to devote to this and what subjects you’d like tutor others in.

Here is a pretty nice list of online tutoring from home websites and work. 

13. Investing

I wasn’t sure I was going to include investing as a hobby, but the more I thought about it the more it seems to make sense to include. 

For many people, investing is a hobby that can make money. The challenges are that it’s easy to lose money in with investing and you also need some money up front, which you’d be okay with potentially losing. 

Many investing hobbies involve the stock market, real estate, or even in other businesses. Here are a few ways you can make money with investing as a hobby:

14. Amazon FBA

If you enjoy the online world of buying and selling items and blogging isn’t for you, Amazon FBA might be an interesting choice.

This allows you the freedom of your own business and private label products, without physically having to store the goods yourself. 

Instead, Amazon’s shipping takes care of that for you and your store is built right through your Amazon seller account.

There is a lot of information about this, too much to talk about here. Instead if this interests you, I’d recommend this article here

29 Hobbies That Make Money [The Simple List to Boost Income]

Money Making Hobbies Done From Anywhere

The previous section focused primarily focused on hobbies that make money online. These below can be done anywhere and some will be hobbies that make money from home as well.

15. Photography

One of the most common hobbies probably out there today that can make you money is photography. Taking pictures can be business orientated or very artistic, depending on your approach and interests. 

There are a few ways you can make money from photography like: taking pictures of families and kids, professional headshots, weddings, engagements, maternity, sports, concerts, and even traveling.

You can also sell images on stock photography sites and if you get really good, brands and publications may start reaching out for contract image work.

Additionally, you could sell individual prints or create a book of images you sell. As you can tell, there are plenty of opportunities to turn your photography hobby into a lucrative side gig. 

16. Woodworking

Anything to do with woodworking and carpentry is truly an art form. It’s not easy to do well, but if you have a gift for it, there is a market for your hobby.

Also, the competition is not as fierce as it once was, so there is certainly a demand for quality woodwork. 

But, you can make money in a few areas here. This includes repairing old furniture, building furniture from scratch, or making something unique and custom with wood. 

If you wanted to expand, you can potentially start your own online store, a DIY Youtube channel, or a blog talking about woodworking and carpentry which create other streams of income for you. 

17. Fitness

While you could go to school for exercise and fitness or get certified, you can still make money from it without those things.

If one of your hobbies is working out and you clearly get results, others may pay you for your knowledge. 

It’s a win-win because you get to work out, help others get in great shape, and make some money as well.

Now some states will require some certifications, but if you are passionate about it and want to earn some money, it’s worth your time. 

18. Music

Can you play music, read music, and have a good ear for it? Then you can make money doing various things in the music field.

Maybe you have always wanted a career in music, but life took a different turn for you. That’s okay and it doesn’t mean you have to give up your music passion!

Here are a few ways you can make money from your music hobby: become a music teacher on the side, be a studio session musician for bands, perform at local venues, or be a DJ for events and parties. 

I used to work with a guy at my former internship who taught at a community college during the day, but at night was a DJ for local bars and clubs. He got to make money with his hobby and still have a full-time day job.

19. Coaching sports

Do you love sports, but never made it as a professional? That doesn’t mean you can never be a part of sports in someway that makes you money.

There’s plenty of opportunities available in recreational leagues in your community or nearby. If you have knowledge and skills in various sports, you can pretty much stay busy all year round with your hobby! 

Pending your level, you can start with recreational local sports, YMCA, or move into schools or refereeing for larger events. 

Coaching gigs can include swimming, tennis, soccer, football, hockey, and golf. 

20. Pet Sitting & Grooming

Who doesn’t love pets, right? I know not everyone does (are you even human?). But if you love working with animals, there are money opportunities for you. Some common options are dog walking or pet sitting at someone’s home.

Besides dog walking or pet sitting, you can also be a groomer as people are always looking for this.

Something you can do from your home or even become a mobile pet groomer as well. This is not necessarily for everyone, as grooming is not always easy. But certainly an option. 

21. Gardening & Landscaping

In my opinion, gardening and landscaping is truly an art form. And a lot of people hate doing it or do not have time to make their yards look they way they want. That’s where you can come in if you have a passion for it. 

This money making hobby can include quite a few things like: mowing lawns, mulching and planting, building a deck, powerwashing, snow removal, leaf removal, etc. 

Although to me it sounds more like work than a hobby, I know a few people that love being creative with landscaping.

22. Baking

Baking is not my thing, but eating the baked goods is definitely my passion.

But for those who love baking, you can absolutely make money from your tasty treats. For one, you can sell them at local farmers markets or bake sales.

Another option is potentially see if local shops or bakeries would be willing to take on your baked goods to sell. No guarantee it will work, but no harm in asking! 

And if you are really stoked on baking, you can start your own side business. Cookies, cakes, and muffins are pretty popular items and people love fresh homemade goods. 

23. Decorating & Styling

Do you have a vision for how a room should be decorated and styled? Have friends or family asked you to do that for their homes? Then decorating might be a hobby you can make money from. 

You can get the word out and start to help other homeowners. But you could also work for realtors setting up homes for sale or help commercial businesses with their designs too. 

A great way to make money is to become an interior design consultant. But you could also sell your knowledge online or home decor products as well. 

24. Make-up & Beauty

If you love makeup and beauty and have a knack for it, you can offer your services as a consultant or make-up artist.

What immediately comes to mind here is weddings! But any events or fashion shows may need help and you can get paid well. 

Another option is if you created your own make-up or beauty line. You can sell these products at trade shows, online, or try to get them in local stores as well. 

And guess what? You can blog, create a Youtube channel, or start a podcast too with your knowledge and make money from that as well.

29 Hobbies That Make Money [The Simple List to Boost Income]

Money Making Hobbies for Retirees

Potentially, some of the above might also be great money making hobbies for retirees as well. What’s great is making money from your hobby has no age limit!

Of course, there may be some limitations as you get older, but it doesn’t mean there are no options for you. 

Here a few hobbies for those in retirement beyond what I covered above:

25. Golfing

Working in the club shop and/or teaching lessons if you are quite good. Great way to spend time on the course and work with people.

26. Organizing

Are you a master of organizing and detail? People or companies may need part-time help and could be a great opportunity to make some money.

27. Gardening

Gardening is also a great hobby that can make some money. You could sell foods and flowers at flea markets and setting up a local stand at events. This is a great way to make some cash, interact with people, and get proudly watch people enjoy the produce you grew. 

28. Inn-sitter

Work at inns helping cook and clean, but get to travel and meeting people. This could be helping at bed & breakfasts places as well. If cooking and traveling are your hobbies in retirement, along with new experiences, then this could be a great option to look into. 

29. Teaching

Anything someone is willing to learn or there is a demand for, also means someone will be willing to pay to learn. Whatever skills you have, you can teach to others. Card games, DIY projects, cooking, specific subjects, art, etc. 

These along with the above list can be great hobbies for retirees to make money from. There are certainly more, but hopefully this helps you think of options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I make from my hobby?

There is no definitive answer to how much earning potential your hobby has. It comes down to your skills and how much work you are willing to put into it. 

Not everyone wants to turn their hobby into a full-time job, some just want to make some extra cash from their passions. And that’s totally cool! 

However, many of the options listed above can definitely become full-time jobs where you are working for yourself. Who wouldn’t love making money from their hobbies at home? 

Best hobbies that make money?

So now that you have this list of hobbies that make money, which ones are the best? Personally, I don’t think there is a right answer to this question. 

Instead, it’s more about figuring out which one is the best for you. Everyone has different skills, strengths, and interests — so ultimately it will be on you to decide that.

You might be inclined to just find the one with the most money-making potential, but that’s not really the best idea. 

Why? Because you might hate that hobby and if your interest is low, the effort you put in will probably be too. 

All of the above have potentially to make great money, so if you are unsure, dabble in a few until you find what you love. 

How do I turn a hobby into a business?

Find a customer willing to pay for your product, service, or expertise in your hobby. As the demand grows and the word gets out, so will your work. If you are truly passionate about it, you can turn it into your own full-time business!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully these money making hobbies give you a glimpse at what is possible. There are plenty of other hobbies you might have that can also turn into extra income for you as well. 

The important thing to do is ask yourself a few questions about any hobby you want to make money from:

  • Is there a market for my hobby that people would pay for?
  • What skills and services can I offer that people would find value in?
  • Can I start to make money fast or will it take some time?
  • Am I okay with not making money at first or do I need the extra cash now?

These will help you determine how you approach a hobby to make money from and if it is worth your time. 

But remember: almost anything you do or know about, there is probably a market that would pay for it. Question is, will you seize the opportunity?