11 Ways to Manifest Money [Use the Law of Attraction]

By Todd Kunsman

Financial Independence

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It’s safe to say that most people have a dream or a bigger goal they want to reach in life. And one of those dreams may be reaching complete financial freedom or becoming wealthy. 

In order to help get you closer to achieving your financial goals is finding ways to help you manifest money. This term might be new to you, but maybe you’ve heard about the law of attraction before. 

The law of attraction is a simple philosophy that emphasizes that you can possibly attract anything that you consistently try to manifest. Meaning when you use your mind and focus on your wants, you can manifest your desired results. 

I’ve always believed that the positive energy and focus you put out, will help you achieve your goals. It might not happen immediately, but good karma will come your way. 

And this idea of manifesting money and wealth is a possibility, like any other realistic goal you might have. Let’s explore how you can manifest money in this guide below. 

What is Manifesting? 

When you manifest, it means that you are making a dream or future goal a reality. You are able to visualize your desires, see a path to the results, and put out the energy and focus to achieve whatever it may be. 

You can manifest anything you want from success to love – and yes, money! 

How can you use manifesting for money?

No matter your financial status or where you stand, improving your finances and money can be manifested. Even if the goal seems unattainable or near impossible, you have to believe in yourself and have a vision of how you’ll conquer your dreams. 

The various financial visions you might have could include:

  • Paying off high-interest debt
  • Savings X% of money per month
  • Building a higher income 
  • Saving for your dream home
  • Reaching financial independence by X years old

Finances can be a challenge for many people. It can cause stress, anxiety, relationship challenges, and overall unhappiness because money is in control of you.

Of course, having money is not the only key to a truly happy life — but not having it can have a pretty large effect on your overall mindset and well-being.

So how can you better manifest money in your life? How can you take control and really put money to work for you? In the next section, you’ll learn some tips that will help you achieve your financial dreams. 

How to Manifest Money

1. Start with appreciation

Often when our finances are struggling, we focus on all the downsides and negatives. This leads to even more frustrations and wanting to “give up.” 

Instead, focus on the positives and appreciate the aspects of your financial health that do exist. You certainly never should ignore any money problems you have as that doesn’t make it go away. 

But appreciate the money you do have (even if it’s very little) and write down the positives of your current financial state. It could be things like:

  • I paid my utility bills on time every month, which allows me to live more comfortably. 
  • I saved some money on food this week, which that extra can go towards my savings. 
  • I was able to buy something for myself that I really enjoyed, money allowed me to do that.

Maybe those sound a bit cheesy, but hopefully, you get the point I’m trying to make here. Appreciate what you currently have, even if you don’t think there is much to celebrate quite yet. 

2. Change your overall mindset

Having a better mindset towards money is something I truly believe is one of the most important steps in anything you do with finances. And to manifest money, your mindset is truly the gatekeeper to whether you’ll find any success. 

Until you believe in yourself, that you can control the money, and that you alone have the power to change outcomes — manifesting money will be a challenge. 

In other blog posts about money that I’ve written, I’ve talked about your mindset quite often.

For years prior to 2014, I viewed money and my financial situation negatively. That nothing was going to change and that I have no control over how terrible my financial health was. 

But once my mindset started to shift and I truly cared about being fiscally responsible, that’s when results and a newly found motivation started.  

3. Be clear about why you need money

When you are ready to really start manifesting money, you should be clear about what you want and why you want it. What’s the purpose of these goals or dreams that you have as it relates to your finances? 

You want to give your money purpose and what your intentions are for achieving your desired results. You want to use this money to impact your life in a positive way and use it to empower those around you. 

Certainly, we all have some selfish goals to better our lives, but you want to manifest positive energy and have pure intentions with your finances. Saying you just want to be rich, is not an empowering reason. Instead, put a “why” behind your goals.

For example, maybe you want to pay off high-interest debt early so you can buy a house and support your family better. Maybe it’s to ensure a better financial life for your kids then you might have grown up with. 

Write down your list of financial goals and include why you want to do these things and what you will do when you reach those goals. These can really empower your focus and be motivating. 

4. Figure out how much money you need

Now that you understand your purpose and why you want to manifest money, you need to figure out the numbers of what you need. While you might not have exact dollars for everything, you don’t want to just list general numbers.

Instead, put clear dollar amounts and show how you concluded to those desired numbers. If you want to manifest financial independence for your family, then do the math. 

  • What is your current cost of living?
  • What do you need to live off each year?
  • How much money invested would you need to sustain that living without working?

Seeing the numbers and understanding more precise amounts, will help you build a plan and visualize your results. This information will also be handy in later steps too. 

5. Remove common limiting beliefs

One important step out of all of these is to remove your limiting beliefs about money. These are common beliefs that are negative and cause limitations in your life in some way.  

As you grow up and experience life, you tend to pick up these thoughts from those around you or situations you’ve personally dealt with. Now those thoughts and experiences affect the actions and decisions you make. 

When you are trying to manifest money, you may find yourself thinking or saying things like:

  • I’ll never understand my finances
  • I don’t know how to make more money
  • I don’t know how to manage my money
  • Investing is like gambling and it is too difficult to learn
  • My family is not wealthy, so I’ll never be wealthy either

I’m sure you can think of more or have heard others say different variations. But these are limiting beliefs that already create negative energy from the start. With these beliefs, you are already creating a financial roadblock.

6. Visualize your desired results often

Although it may not have a direct impact like some of these other tips, visualizing your results often can help you manifest money. Think about what being financially stable might look like, what your life could be when you obtain money. 

Besides thinking about this often and picturing it, you can create a vision board. Cut out pictures, write down your ideas and what life will be life, and piece this all together. Now besides thinking about it often, you can also visually see what you want to achieve. 

This vision board can be the constant reminder and motivation you need to see. Keep it near your desk or somewhere that you’ll see it often to help you boost your affirmations.  

7. Create an action plan to achieve results

Having dreams about your financial health is great and putting positive energy out is crucial to manifest money.

But, results do not magically happen without further action! If you think the universe will just hand over your goals without doing much else, you’d be sorely mistaken. 

Those who have reached success did not just sit around and wait for results. Instead, they took action and made a plan to help them get there. And during their action plan, they make edits and pivot when needed. 

I can’t tell you how many times I talked to someone who had specific dreams or goals, but put minimal effort in, gave up, and blamed the lack of results elsewhere.

Whether it’s money, starting a business, or getting in better shape — you must create a plan with actionable steps you can take.  

8. Utilize positive money affirmations

In a previous tip above, I mentioned removing limiting beliefs about money that hold you back. Well beyond removing those, you should also include positive affirmations into your beliefs and mindset. 

These money affirmations can give you a boost of confidence and improve your interest in your goals. Sometimes internal positive reinforcement is all you need, especially if you have a misstep or are feeling low. 

  • I will make more money this year and I know-how
  • In a few years, I will be completely debt free
  • Money is not evil, but a tool I can use to my advantage
  • Money doesn’t control me, I control the money

When you repeat and start to believe in positive affirmations, this can manifest into reality. Again, this is only one aspect of how you manifest money but it’s important. 

9. Use past mistakes as motivation

We often look at mistakes from the past as what holds us back currently (and into the future). But if you start to look at mistakes as necessary aspects for you to learn and grow, you’ll realize they can be important motivating factors. 

No one loves making mistakes, especially with money when it can really cause you to struggle. But each mistake should be motivation to ensure you don’t repeat that and correct that path.

And while positivity is valuable to the law of attraction, sometimes you need a bit of anger to give you that extra kick in the right direction.

For example, when I was living paycheck to paycheck it was mainly my own fault. I wasn’t budgeting, living within my means, and had debt. Then I lost my job and was in a bit of panic, but instead of staying down, I looked at the positives.

But I also got angry for putting myself in this financial mess and used that as motivation to help manifest money further. It for sure energized me and gave me the extra gumption I needed to make changes.  

10. Let the universe guide you further

While many of these steps focus on you specifically, remember that you also need to let the universe guide you further. This tip is to ensure you do not try to control the outcome of everything, as not all aspects are in your complete control. 

You can create plans, take steps, and work hard — but the universe and results may have different plans for you. 

Instead, remember that all the tips here to manifest money will help you lead down the correct path. But at various points, you need to be more receptive to what the universe delivers for you. 

There will be unexpected surprises, curveballs, and moments that will make you pivot and take a chance on something you weren’t expecting. But you have to let it happen and go with the flow!

When you try to control every aspect, you pump up the anxiety levels and negative thoughts can creep back in and create chaos around you. 

Things won’t go as you always anticipate or hope for, but you have to trust that the universe is still working with your positive flow and desires. Your plans might not go the way you want, but new opportunities may present themselves that guide you in an even better direction. 

11. Be grateful for any progress made

Lastly, if you want to manifest money then you must continuously be grateful for any progress you have made. Big or small wins must always be celebrated and appreciated, as each is a stepping stone to your desired results. 

It’s much easier to focus on what you didn’t achieve, what goals you missed, and what you don’t have. But if you take a moment to reflect and look for what you did achieve, you’ll find you are putting more positive energy out there. 

Maybe one month you didn’t save as much money as you wanted. Instead of focusing on what you didn’t do, focus on the fact you saved money still and are moving forward. Also, even if you saved a small amount, look at the big picture of what that amount of money can do for you. 

Being grateful keeps you focused, helps motivate you to keep going, and helps you keep the good energy flowing.

What Might Stop You From Manifesting Money

So you might of read the above with a bit of skepticism or thought how there is no way this impacts results. However, if you are having those thoughts already then your mindset is already in the wrong direction!

Certainly, questioning ideas and concepts is important. But if your attitude is more pessimistic towards the idea of manifesting money, then you are already putting out that negative energy. 

I believe that this can really slow your progress down but also feeds into the misconceptions that you’ll face financial stress and burdens for the foreseeable future. Instead, when you value the law of attraction and put forth the effort, results and your dreams are much more achievable and possible. 

There are no magical results here and just saying you want to achieve something without any effort, will not create results out of thin air either. Too many talk about changes but don’t believe they can get there nor create a plan to lead them in that positive direction.  

The other challenge is your finances are a common cause of anxiety and overall concern. That even with solid goals and a plan, the negative energy or “voice” in your mind can consume you. This can overtake your progress. 

But no matter what, even during setbacks, you have to fight through and truly believe that you will make it. Only when you shift your mindset, will you start to manifest money and see results from your dedicated work. 

What do you think about the ability to manifest money? Does the law of attraction apply? Has it impacted your life in some way? Let me know in the comments below!