10 Honest Ways Married Couples Handle Their Money

How do you and your spouse manage your finances? I encountered this question online in a men’s discussion forum and was intrigued by the different responses. Here are some of the best insights into how couples manage their funds.

1. Equally

“The nerd in the relationship organizes the finances and pays the bills.” This user explained that he and his wife pool their income, budget together, make financial decisions together, and have equal voices for votes on spending. They noted, “It doesn’t matter who makes more money. You’re equal partners.”

2. Separate Spending Accounts

While this user agreed with everything above, they added that he and his spouse have separate personal accounts with equal spending money deposits. It helps them have their allowance for things and avoid feeling “selfish” if spending money because they’re “not draining the main pool.

3. One Pays More, and The Other Takes Care of Day to Day

Although this one woman brings more money to the table than her husband, she clarifies the division of responsibility means her husband makes up in other ways.

It means being flexible with job hours, picking the kids up from school, etc. Finally, they merged their individual and joint accounts, agreed on all the big spending, and decided on the budget.

4. Dividing The Responsibility

Another example of dividing responsibilities came from this man who explained he makes all the money. However, he has an aversion to paperwork. So his wife does all budgeting. She also does most of the shopping, so tracking things is more manageable. He elaborated, “All major decisions are shared.”

5. Separate Finances

One couple believes in keeping the money apart. The husband pays the bills and mortgage while his wife commits to groceries, daycare, and appliances. They are responsible for personal expenses, similar to when they were dating.

6. Act Like A Team

A recurring theme is to be a team. Some make more than their partner and usually pick up the more significant expenses. At the same time, some contribute more to household chores to make up for it.

Most couples advise managing individual and joint expenses based on their circumstances, believing combining strengths to minimize weaknesses is the best way.

7. The 25/75% Split

One couple contributes their income to a joint pool while retaining individual spending. They add 75% of their money to the account and split the 25% of monthly leftovers into investments and savings.

They emphasized the need for trust and keeping up with the finances regardless of who pays the bills and does the filing.

8. Separate Accounts but a Shared Savings

Separate accounts but shared savings is how one man broke his household down. They split bills and are fully transparent. They don’t pick through each other’s spending but hold each other accountable to pull their weight.

9. It’s All Me

One man pays for everything. His wife has her own business. “She doesn’t make much, but she loves it. So she pays for little things like she might pick up dinner or something.” Finally, he elaborated he does very well. So he pays all the bills, primarily via autopay.

10. Shared Fund for the Household

“We have a shared fund for the household, vacations, and luxuries we enjoy mutually.” A final user-added, they have everything else to themselves and spend their money however they please.

They believe after paying bills, there is no reason to dictate how the other spends. “She also makes a lot more, and I’ve always very strongly disliked the idea of spending her money as if I’m entitled to it simply by virtue of being together.”

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