35 Money Affirmations to Attract Wealth and Abundance

When you begin taking a look at your finances and where you’d like to be, there are a few questions you might begin asking yourself.

Questions like: What is my current money situation? What are the financial goals that I want to accomplish? How can I achieve more wealth, stability, and better financial health?

But you might also have this nagging negative money mindset, which limits you and keeps you believing that you can’t change your financial situation.

However, this is where money affirmations can help. And quite frankly, they should be one of the first steps you take in your new money journey.

Let’s explore what money affirmations are, various examples, and how they can empower you further.

What Are Money Affirmations? 

Have you ever heard someone refer to themself as a “money magnet?” 

Those that can create wealth in abundance often have a different money mindset; using affirmations and the law of attraction to increase their worth. 

Money affirmations definition

Money affirmations are phrases and mantras about finance that allow the individual to more easily visualize the lifestyle they desire and to keep the person more focused. They are usually repeated out loud or internally and may be repeated daily or weekly.

This in turn improves your relationship with money and highlights more opportunities to earn. Plus, these financial affirmations keep you focused on your financial goals and future desires.

Additionally, money affirmations work alongside the law of attraction as a mechanism to draw in cash in abundance. They continually remind the individual of the power and desire for money. But more importantly, to ensure you live a stress-free life and even reach financial freedom!

Why Affirmations About Money Matter

The purpose of money affirmations is to remind the user (usually, on a daily basis), of the thoughts, feelings, and desires that come with having more money. The constant suggestion aligns with the law of attraction; which says that you will achieve whatever you focus on in life.

Therefore, money affirmations can also help reset a negative mindset and guide you back to positivity and action towards your money. Often, your mindset is what keeps you stuck in bad financial habits and affects your overall mood to change the way things are currently.

The more you talk positively and look for the good in your finances, the more energy you’ll put towards your desires and putting in the effort.

Affirmations also work as they help you in believing that you can attract more money. This belief is often the final step before starting to find the resources and tools that can help change your financial health!

List of Money Affirmations

There are hundreds of possible money affirmations; focusing on budgeting to investing to financial planning and mindset. You’ll find many common ones that you can borrow or you can create your own that are tailored towards your personal finances.

So without further ado, let’s get with a list of money affirmations that might be intriguing to you:

  1. I am in control of money, money doesn’t control me 
  2. I have more than enough money to do everything I want in life
  3. The quickest way to double my money is to fold it over and put it back in my pocket
  4. If I’m saving, I’m succeeding
  5. There are NO LIMITS to the amount of money I can make
  6. Building wealth is a marathon, not a sprint
  7. I don’t let money run my life, I let money help run my life better
  8. Money comes into my life in abundance, easily and frequently
  9. I am letting go of worry surrounding my finances
  10. I can afford to buy that
  11. I am worthy of a wealthy life
  12. I am open to receive wealth through numerous channels
  13. I am healthy, I am wealthy
  14. It’s safe for me to make money while I sleep
  15. I take measured risks when I invest
  16. The more I give, the more I receive
  17. I am so financially secure that I forget when it’s payday
  18. I believe, I receive
  19. My money works hard for me
  20. My actions create prosperity
  21. Every month, my income increases
  22. I will stick to my plans and my money will grow
  23. I will be the first millionaire in my family
  24. I am focused on achieving financial security
  25. Money flows towards me like water
  26. I deserve to make more money
  27. It’s not selfish to want more money
  28. I don’t have to be an expert to manage money successfully
  29. I deserve to make more money from my job, side hustles, or own business
  30. Tracking my expenses and income is easy
  31. My debt doesn’t control who I am
  32. investing is not intimidating and I will learn how
  33. It’s okay to want more money and wealth
  34. Spending money responsibly makes me happy
  35. I can make tough financial decisions now, which positively impact me later

What Should You Do With Your Money Affirmations?

It’s important to note that not all of the above money affirmations will relate to you, and you may find that as you move through the stages of money manifestation; you’ll favor new affirmations.

So, only select (or create) the affirmations which verbalize how you currently think or feel about money. These are the money affirmations that you will work on. 

After selecting the affirmations that suit you:

  • Set reminders to recite and focus daily.
  • Repeat the phrases and practice visualization.
  • Write them down and keep them visible where you’ll read them often.
  • Reward yourself for working on areas that relate to your money affirmations.

Once you begin to believe these affirmations, you will seek out or create new wealth opportunities for yourself, and find cash flowing towards you in abundance. 

How Many Money Affirmations Should I Have?

Your money goals and financial situations are unique to you, so it’s okay for you to have various affirmations, create new ones, or combine them together.

The whole purpose of money affirmations is to drive positive thinking towards finances and help you begin a new journey of financial health. You can use the examples above as your goals or create your own.

Make your affirmations something you’ll genuinely care about and want to work on.

How Financial Affirmations Helped Me

If you have read some of my past posts, you’d know that prior to 2014 my finances were in rough shape. I’m talking debt (student loans, car, and credit card), almost no savings, low salary (under $40k per year), and weak financial knowledge.

I thought I’d never remove my debt, that learning about finances would be too difficult, that having a great salary was just a fantasy, and living paycheck to paycheck would always be my future.

Needless to say, my mindset was all messed up! But since that time, some amazing things have happened when it comes to my finances.

While I’m still building my wealth, I’ve reached a very secure state of financial stability, debt-free, managing my investments on my own, and increased my salary to over $100k per year while also building a sustainable side hustle.

How’d I do it?

Well, it started with realizing this is not how I want the rest of my life to be. I began writing down some money affirmations, goals and started working on my mindset when it came to money.

From there I started getting excited about the potential for my finances and career. I got motivated and began reading books and finding other resources that could give me the tools to succeed.

Results didn’t happen overnight and there were certainly setbacks, but because my mindset was in the right place I kept going.

Personally, I truly believe your mindset is what tends to hold most people back. If you can work through that and set your own money affirmations, it may help you get on the right track.