10 Big Purchases That Save You Money in the Long Run

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Saving money is a goal that most people strive to achieve. A simple way to do this is by making wise purchases that will save you money in the long run. Recently, people have shared their top money-saving purchases, and the results are in!

1. Chest Freezer

The first user mentioned that their biggest money-saving purchase was a chest freezer for their basement. By buying in bulk and freezing items, they can save money on groceries. Additionally, they can preserve their garden’s produce, reducing their grocery bill. 

2. Electric Trimmer

Investing in an electric trimmer was a game-changer in personal grooming for another. It provided a close shave, eliminated the problem of ingrown hairs, and helped them save money on disposable razors in the long run. The benefits and savings outweighed the upfront cost of the trimmer it provided over time.

3. Aeron Chair

A third person shared their experience investing in a high-quality Aeron office chair, which they purchased for $700. The user further explained that they had previously spent $600-$700 on various chairs over ten years, which would eventually break them down.

However, since purchasing the Aeron chair two years ago, they have found it durable and expect it to last them for at least another 15 years or more.

4. Car Parts

Investing in quality parts during car repairs can save money in the long run. While it may seem more expensive up front, one shared their experience of spending $300-400 on brakes and rotors with an additional $500-600 in labor costs, but the parts have lasted for over four years.

On the other hand, cheaper parts may cost only $100-150, but you would still need to pay for the same expensive labor. 

5. Solar Panel

A keen eco-enthusiast spilled the beans they had invested substantially in solar panels. It took a few years for the panels to recuperate the cost, but lo and behold. Since then, they have become an absolute godsend for keeping the cash in their pockets.

6. Heated Blankets

Another stated their love for heated blankets, explaining they have a smaller one for themselves and a larger queen-sized one for their bed. Not only do they provide incredible comfort, but they also save a lot of money on heating bills.

7. Industrial Meat Grinder/Sausage Maker

Investing in an industrial meat grinder/sausage maker has proven to be a money-saving investment for one. By making their dog food, they can cut costs and ensure their furry friend gets high-quality fresh ingredients.

With the ability to grind all parts of poultry and fish, this dog lover can use free meat from hunters and farmers that would otherwise go to waste. 

8. Coffee/Espresso Setup

A coffee enthusiast spent $1000 on a coffee/espresso setup, justifying the cost based on daily savings compared to buying drinks. They estimate it paid for itself in three-to-four months.

9. Winter Jacket

Somebody shared their experience of buying an 800€ ($845.80) winter jacket made for the arctic climate, which has lasted them for 12 years and still looks great.

Before this investment, they had to buy a new jacket every year for 150€ ($158.59), as those jackets would tear apart during rainstorms and wouldn’t keep them warm.

10. Fuel-Efficient Car

A final user expressed that their fuel-efficient car is a big purchase that saves them money in the long run. With an average of 50 miles per gallon, they only use around seven gallons of gas each week for a 30+ mile commute, regardless of gas prices.

When gas was over $4 per gallon, they weren’t bothered by the cost because it only cost around $30 to fill up their tank, compared to a higher price for a less fuel-efficient car. Their car has helped them save money on gas expenses for their daily commute.

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