15 Great Jobs For Introverts: Make Money to Work Alone 

The real challenge is understanding how to fully embrace your introvertness and make the right career moves where you will feel satisfied and interested in your work.

Yet, do not worry as there are plenty of good jobs for introverts and options to make money to work alone. 

Best Jobs for Introverts

1. Lawyer/paralegal

According to several surveys, lawyers tend to be more introverted. This is because lawyers actually spend most of their time doing research, writing papers and preparing cases. 

Animal care workers simply provide care for animals. That means you could be working in animal shelters, pet stores, zoos and any commercial shop that requires animal care. 

2. Animal Care Worker 

3. Accountant

Accounting is another great career path for introverts and a way to work alone. 

This job is great for introverts who enjoy expressing their creativity while spending time alone. 

4. Video Editor

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