Best Stock Screeners for Investing or Day Trading

As you expand your investments, you might look into individual stocks or even day trading.

What Are Stock Screeners?

A stock screener is an online tool for investors to help determine the most profitable investments. Based on the individual investor’s criteria, stock screeners help filter out specific factors, allowing investors to analyze picks on a deeper level.

Benefits of stock screeners

One of the major benefits of stock screeners are that they can help you take the emotion out of trading. After your strategy is outlined, there should be a clear set of technical rules for each of your stock picks.

Best Stock Screeners for Investing or Day Trading

Below are some of the best stock screeners to consider using. There is no particular oder to any of these and each platform has great features.

1. Finviz

Financial Visualizations (Finviz) is an incredibly detailed stock screening tool; making it quick and easy to find a macro market view and great for beginners.

2. Stock Rover

Stock Rover has both free and paid options depending on the features you need and is brilliant if your focus is on the American or Canadian stock market. 

3. TradingView

Trading View is perfect for the seasoned stock screen user, offering a trading social network alongside its other functions to build a trading community.

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