The Signs That You Are Too Obsessed With Making Money Now

Below are a few signs that might signal you are becoming too obsessed with making money or getting rich fast.

1. All You Talk About Is Money

If you find that every word you speak or most of your conversations lead to making money, getting rich, or how much you’re making, try to find ways to dial it back. You shouldn’t have money on your brain 24/7.

2. You Stress Yourself Out Trying to Get Rich

Money is stressful and managing personal finances can be too. But if your obsession with getting rich and chasing the “almighty dollar” is stressing you out, you may be too obsessive.

3. You Jump On Every Money Making Idea

There is nothing wrong with wanting to try something new, but it can become a problem if you never see something through and jump to the next thing right away.

4. You’re Alienating Friends and Family

If you start noticing that you are alienating friends and family, or sacrificing close relationships to spend every waking hour focusing on money, you’re developing an unhealthy pattern.

5. Assuming Your Happiness Strictly Depends on Money

If your mindset is that happiness is strictly based on your money, you might be too obsessed with the idea what getting rich can mean. Remember that your self-worth is not based on your bank account.

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