The Best Places to Cash Personal Checks Without A Bank Account

When you have a check and a bank account, cashing a personal check is super simple.

Yet, as surprising as it may be to you, some 1.7 billion adults worldwide still don’t have access to a bank account, according to data released by the World Bank.

Lack of access via a nearby bank branch or mobile phone, Minimum balance fees, Distrust of the banking system, No access to government-issued ID, which is required to open a bank account. And that’s okay if you fall into any of those categories. There are still several ways you can cash a personal check without a bank account.

When you cash a check in person, you will mostly likely be required to show a valid photo I.D. For example, your driver’s license will be a top choice. Additional I.D. options would be your passport if you have one or a Green Card. In some cases, military or school I.D.s may also be accepted.

What You Need to Cash A Personal Check

1. The Bank That Issued the Check

It might be your best option, especially if you want to ensure the check is valid, that there are sufficient funds, and want potential fees are.

Best Places to Cash A Personal Check

2. Walmart

The store can cash checks and money orders in any amount up to and including $5,000.

3.Local Grocery Stores

Best Places to Cash A Personal Check

Most mom & pop grocery stores probably will not do this (you can always ask!), but if there is a franchise store located in your area, then you might be in business.

4. 7-Eleven

If a 7-Eleven near you has a check-cashing kiosk, you can cash a check there, pay bills, etc.

The main reason I recommend avoiding them if possible as you will pay high interest (5%-20%!) or even a flat fee plus the interest too.

Expensive Places to Cash A Personal Check

- Some Decent Check       Cashing Stores - Ace Check Express - Check into Cash

The challenge with cashing personal checks, is there are only select options compared to payroll, government checks, or any pre-printed checks. There is more risk for the stores and check cashing stores, so many won’t accept them at all. Others like the retail stores may have strict limits of a few hundred dollars.

Personal Checks Are Much Harder to Cash

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