15 Strange Frugal Moves People Do To Stretch Their Dollar

We live in trying economic times where every cent that we earn counts. It is, therefore, sensible to do everything we can to save money. Prominent endeavors include cutting down on purchasing unnecessary luxuries, eating in instead of out, and buying generic branded products.

Some people, however, go that extra mile to make their money go further. For example, one frugal person started a dialogue online by saying, “What do you do that is frugal, but other people might think it is weird? Money is tight!” Here are some of the best answers given.

1. Saving Cut-Offs from Vegetables

A top-rated answer came from someone who said they save everything they cut off from organic vegetables, such as the ends and the skin. This person stores it in a bag in their freezer. Once the bag is packed to the brim, they use it to make vegetable stock. The savings are minor, but they’re still savings.

Many responded that they did this, while others agreed it was a great idea and stated their intention to follow suit. Some people even suggested other uses for vegetable cut-offs, such as food for a worm farm and coloring eggs at Easter.

2. Darning Socks

It’s typical to darn larger, more expensive items of clothing when they get damaged, but when socks get holes in them, we throw them away. However, one answered that they darn their holey socks to avoid constantly buying new ones.

Others responded in different ways, with some saying they do the same thing, others thanking the original poster for giving them the idea, some individuals admitting they don’t know how to darn, and others offering advice on how to do it.

3. Save Tissues and Napkins

One replied that they save tissues and table napkins from restrooms and restaurants, which limits the amount they have to purchase more traditionally from stores.

Several others confessed that they did the same thing, with one saying they had a car full of restaurant napkins and others admitting they take other items from restaurants, such as paper coasters and condiment sachets.

4. Don’t Use Paper Products

Contrary to the user mentioned above saving tissues and paper napkins, another frugal person said they don’t use paper products. They refuse to use paper towels, napkins, and cleaning wipes. Instead, they wash rags from old clothes and bar towels and use them.

This one had a few upvotes but no responses. We think it’s a great idea, but replacing paper in certain situations might be difficult. Nobody’s using clothes rags after using the toilet, for example.

5. Using Every Last Drop of Lotions, Shampoos, etc

When we use products like shampoos, conditioners, and lotions, throwing them away with some of the products still inside is normal. That’s mainly because it’s hard to get it all out. A user in the thread said they cut open the containers of such products and use a spatula to scoop it all out, ensuring no wastage.

6. A “One-In-One-Out” Clothing Rule

One admitted they had a one-in-one-out rule with their clothing. They added that it prevented them from unnecessarily purchasing new clothes due to how attached they were to their wardrobe.

Those who replied responded positively, with one person saying they wished they could do the same and another praising the idea as a great tip.

7. Combine Soap Scraps

When the end of a soap bar is near, we often dispose of the scraps. However, one admitted they save them and form them into a larger bar to reuse.

The reception of this idea was positive, with one person suggesting purchasing exfoliating drawstring bags for soap, which ensures no soap scraps ever go to waste because they can just be put in them.

8. Wash Disposable Kitchen Items

Several disposable items are used in kitchens, but some can be reused. For example, one individual said they wash and reuse ziplock bags and foil if they aren’t torn or damaged.

A handful of others stated they did the same thing, with one saying that guests often comment that it’s weird to see ziplock bags hanging out to dry. But don’t let that stop you!

9. Don’t Pay for Bridesmaid Makeup

It’s tradition for bridesmaids to have their makeup done professionally on their friend’s wedding day. However, one lady posted in the thread saying she was perfectly capable of doing her makeup to a good standard, so she saved herself $300 by doing it herself.

People posted in support of the user, with some saying that they hate how professional makeup artists do their makeup. The original poster, however, said that her fellow bridesmaids looked at her with disdain on the wedding day, and nobody needs friends like that.

10. Cut Their Own Hair

Another replied that they save money by cutting their own hair and have been doing so for years. They admit that the cut isn’t fancy, but it looks good, and they don’t have to deal with salon culture or prices.

One agreed, sharing that their husband always hated visiting the barber, so he’s been having his hair cut at home for years. However, another exlained their hair was too thick and challenging, so cutting it themselves wasn’t an option.

11. Combine Candle Wax Scraps

Similar to the previous idea about combining soap scraps, one woman shared how they save the wax scraps from tea candles and make a new candle from them once a year.

There weren’t many replies, but one user shared how much they loved the idea and explained how they put boiling water in scented candles once they finished. Then, when it floats to the top, they cook it down and use it in their wax burner. It preserves the scent for ages and saves on buying more candles

12. Put Water in Cereal

Okay, I’m having flashbacks to the movie Friday. One user confessed they put water in their breakfast cereal instead of milk, advising others not to knock it until they’d tried it.

They also requested that nobody “come for them,” and nobody did, but another suggested that having green tea in cereal was pretty good. What?

13. Keep Electrical Items Unplugged

It’s common for people to turn electrical items off when they’re not being used, but someone in the thread answered that they unplug them entirely unless they’re using them.

Another explained the significant impact of doing the same thing on their energy bills. They alleged the only appliances that remain plugged in are their fridge, oven, and microwave. Everything else, such as their television, lamps, and computers, is unplugged unless it’s being used.

14. Salvage Discarded Baked Goods

At the end of any given day, most bakeries will throw out bags full of unsealed baked goods. The bags are sealed, and there’s nothing wrong with the food. One confessed they head to their local bakeries at the end of each day to see what they can salvage, citing the local brioche buns as “awesome.”

There were no responses, but this is a great idea. Not only will it save you money, but it’s also minimizing wastage.

15. Grow Their Own Herbs

Producing herbs for yourself is a fantastic idea. Somebody who posted that they grew their herbs said they could keep things like basil alive while they weren’t particularly green-fingered.

Surprisingly, nobody responded, but what could be better than flavoring your food with a seasoning of your creation? Saving money while you do it is, of course, a great bonus.