12 Impressive Ways Women Spent Money to Invest in Themselves

As the saying goes, “investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make.” It is significant for women, often marginalized and undervalued in society, to prioritize their personal growth and development. Recently, several women shared their experiences and investments in an online women’s community. 

1. Adopting a Dog

A dog lover shared that she invested in her happiness by adopting a dog with a wacky adoption fee. Her furry friend quickly became her best friend, bringing joy, cheerfulness, and a little goofiness into her life. Not only did the dog help her with her mental health, but it also contributed to her overall happiness.

2. Engineering Degree

One user shared that investing in an engineering degree was one of the best ways they spent money to invest in themselves. They further explained that the degree opened up many opportunities for her in different fields and allowed them to work remotely during the pandemic.

3. Climbing Equipment

Investing in climbing equipment has been one of the best decisions for this individual. It has allowed them to explore the great outdoors and engage in a physically demanding yet fulfilling activity.  

4. House Plants and Fish Tanks

A hobbyist noted that investing in house plants and fish tanks was one of the best ways they spent money to invest in themselves. These hobbies are fun and relaxing and provide satisfaction as they watch their plants and fish thrive.

5. Therapy

Another woman remarked that investing in therapy was one of the most gratifying means of self-expenditure. By seeking professional counseling, she could identify and overcome the issues that unconsciously influenced her and hampered her relationships.

6. Boxing Lessons

Investing in boxing lessons at a private gym has been a life-changing experience for one woman. Not only has she improved her physical health and achieved the best shape yet, but her mental health has also greatly benefited.

7. TENS Unit

In the search for relief from chronic back pain, one individual discovered a hidden gem that became their ultimate investment: a TENS unit.

This compact wonder, designed for at-home use, delivers soothing electrical pulses that gently massage and ease tense muscles, providing much-needed relief from discomfort. With the power to alleviate persistent pain, this unassuming device has become a trusted ally in the pursuit of comfort and well-being.

8. Tummy Tuck

The tale of an individual who underwent a tummy tuck after shedding and sustaining an 80-pound reduction for five years was recounted by one happy woman.

Despite initially feeling guilty, she believed she deserved to feel happy about her body and that her unhappiness made her depressed. Five months after surgery, she feels better and has no regrets.

9. Learning Japanese

According to one, investing in learning Japanese, studying abroad, and multiple trips to Japan resulted in fluency in spoken and written language, opportunities to enjoy Japanese literature and games, and making good friends.

10. Laser Hair Removal

Gleefully, a user imparted their experience of the finest venture they ever made to relinquish the agony of their monthly waxing- the astounding laser hair removal.

11. Improvement Classes

Many women in the thread shared that taking improvement classes was one of the best ways they invested in themselves. Initially, one signed up to escape her shell but fell in love with it. Now, she performs regularly around the city and has gained a fantastic sense of confidence. 

12. Quality Bed

A final woman in the thread explained that investing in a quality bed was one of her best decisions. She splurged on a $4,000 Beautyrest Black bed and some lovely pillows and never regretted it. Because people spend about a third of their life sleeping, she believes getting a good night’s rest is essential.

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