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21 Cheap Foods to Buy When Your Wallet Is Strained

Groceries can take up a significant portion of your budget each month. However, if you carefully choose what you buy, it doesn’t have to be that way. Purchase affordable yet nutritious foods that help you stay healthy and save every time you head to the checkout.

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How a Sinking Fund Helps You Save Money (and Reach Your Goals)

A sinking fund is a cash reserve in your account that holds calculated funds for future expenses. There is usually a stand-alone account for each sinking fund category. This account is separate from your regular checking, savings, and emergency fund.

4 Easy Staycation Ideas (That Keep More Money in Your Wallet)

4 Easy Staycation Ideas (That Keep More Money in Your Wallet)

In choosing your next big vacation destination, “nowhere” might not have been at the top of your list, but it may be worth a second look. Far from a default setting or consolation prize, a staycation may go toe to toe with a big family vacation due to its ease – not to mention putting less stress on your finances.

10 Money-Saving Hacks to Cut Your Travel Costs

10 Money-Saving Hacks to Cut Your Travel Costs

When looking across all the elements of a vacation such as transportation, accommodations, food, and activities there are strategies to shave costs off each one. Here are travel saving hacks at the trip planning stage as well as ideas for responsible spending at your destination. 

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What Is a Home Warranty & How it Can Save You Lots of Money

If you’ve purchased a home or are on the market for one, someone will mention the need for a home warranty policy. The big questions though are what they cover and whether or actually not you need one. We’re here to help you decide the answers to these questions.

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70 of the Best Money-Making Apps for Cash Back and Rewards

Are you looking for an easy way to make extra money? Several of the best money-making apps pay people for downloading and using them. In addition, multiple apps have reward systems that give you cash back on purchases.