10 Expensive Things People Think Are a Complete Rip Off

Many of us purchase things of little meaning to anyone but us. But let’s admit it, spending money on such stuff is like running a marathon in stilettos – painful and unnecessary. So to help you reevaluate life decisions, let me show you ten things people voted as a total sham. 

1. Buying a New Phone Every Year

Buying a new phone yearly is a waste of money. While I tend to shell out for the latest iPhone and smile walking out of the Apple Store, many users have pointed out that these generally tend to be incremental upgrades. These individuals are also, indeed, more intelligent than me.

The same thoughts were echoed about how the new features may not even be worth the high cost of purchasing a new device every year. But, hey, if you want to keep up with the Joneses and their shiny new gadgets, go ahead, waste your money on an upgrade. 

2. Internet Service Providers Without Unlimited Data Plans

Internet service providers without unlimited data plans are like cats that won’t share their tuna. Someone says they’re just trying to milk you for all your worth. Don’t let them! You deserve all the data you can stream, binge, and surf.

3. Airtime Charges

Airtime charges on cell phones are often a regressive tax that disproportionately affects the poor. These charges are like a mosquito that won’t leave you alone.

They keep sucking your blood (or your wallet) until you’re drained. But don’t worry; you can always switch to a prepaid plan and give them the swat they deserve. 

4. Restaurant Food With Edible Gold Flakes

Edible gold flakes on food are like a diamond-encrusted toilet. Sure, it looks fancy, but is it worth the extra dough? Many users pointed out that these flakes are cheap to purchase but can increase the price of a dish exponentially. So instead, save money for more important things, like a gold-plated bathtub.

5. Cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes is like burning your money (literally) and getting a side of lung cancer as a bonus. A former smoker noted that while this might not be obvious, cigarettes’ cost increases over time. And the long-term health effects can result in high medical bills!

6. Luxury Cars

Luxury cars are like high maintenance partners – they may look good on the outside, but they can drain your bank account faster than you can say, “take the bus.” They often come with high insurance costs. As a user suggested, a Honda and an early retirement sound like a better deal.

7. Funko Pops

Collecting Funko Pops is like hoarding beanie babies, as one user has rightfully mentioned – they might have been cool at one point, but now they’re just collecting dust (and taking up valuable shelf space). Another rationalized that purchasing a Funko Pop is only justified if the franchise has limited original merch.

8. Video Game Skins

Overwatch and Valorant players might feel attacked over this one. Skins are like a black hole in your bank account. Once you start buying them, you can’t stop.

However, many believe skins do not affect the gameplay and are often only cosmetic. Therefore, they may not even be worth the investment if you’re bound to rage-quit the game.

9. High-End Fashion

A popular choice was high-end fashion items like designer clothes, purses, and accessories. However, some suggested that the quality or appearance of the item might not justify the high cost.

After a certain point, all that extra money does not translate into real value. So why not opt for something more practical, like a burlap sack? I ask semi-jokingly. It may not be trendy, but at least you’ll have some spare change in your pocket.

10. Lottery Tickets

Buying lottery tickets is like paying a tax on hope. There’s debate on playing one here and there to entertain the “what if.”

However, wasting large sums of money on these daily, weekly, and monthly “praying that you hit the big one” is irresponsible and financial waste. But hey, if you win, you can finally buy that Funko Pop you always wanted.