10 Legit Money Nightmares People Confess Having

Anxiety, especially around topics like money, is commonplace and can often end in money-driven nightmares. Sometimes it’s about owing a large sum of money, and others; it’s about a massive amount of debt sitting on your shoulders that you can’t expunge.

Whatever the reason, money is often at the center of plenty of people’s anxiety issues and usually manifests itself in dreams. After asking about money dreams, people volunteered their nightmares.

1. Large Sums

One of the most common money nightmares centers around owing people large amounts. Imagine being told you owe a company $10,000 for repairs, fees, or other charges.

Even if you have savings, it’s not likely that you’d be able just to hand the cash over. Owing people vast sums of money is probably the most common money-related anxiety issue people in debt face and often negatively affects their dreams.

2. Access Denied

Another common nightmare someone mentioned is the idea of winning a large payout only to be unable to access the funds you won. Whether you lose your identification, can’t find a banking institution that will take your huge deposit, or have another obstacle in your way.

Dreaming of winning money is widespread, especially if finances are tight. However, the added anxiety of not being able to use those winnings is a nightmare waiting to sabotage your sleep.

3. Shut-off Notices

One common issue facing those with anxiety centered around money is the fear of getting a shut-off notice or having a utility go out.

One commenter said their worst nightmare, especially when the power goes out, is worrying about whether they paid the bill. Even when they know their bills are taken care of, that instant flash of fear is something they suffer through.

4. Repossession

Getting a car repossessed or losing another sort of investment, like a pricey appliance, is a typical nightmare surrounding money issues. People who’ve suffered a repossession or been through hard financial times can easily relate to this nightmare.

5. Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

One interesting dream an individual had was about picking money from trees. The nightmare wasn’t much more substantial than that, but the commenter lamented waking up to the reality that money doesn’t grow on trees.

6. College Plans

Parents often struggle with the idea of sending their children to college. Questions like whether to start a savings plan when their children are young or save up until they graduate high school are common enough to plague even the most financially inept parent planning for their children’s futures.

One money nightmare lamented over was the massive loan debt their children had to live under because they wanted to finish a degree in what is primarily considered an expected timeframe.

7. Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Another financial nightmare an individual posted about was the idea of robbing a bank to pay off debt. The commenter said they were never happier to have money until they were arrested and imprisoned for 20 years in the nightmare. They were also never happier to wake up to the reality of being broke and in debt.

8. Coupling Traumas

Sometimes nightmares come from existing, perceived, or past traumas that link to your current anxieties. One person commented on how childhood abuse played into their dreams one night when they were stuck in a bad situation that they couldn’t get away from for lack of financial assets.

Being financially or physically stuck can add to the stress you’re feeling in real life. Visiting these traumas in your sleep is a nightmare waiting to happen.

9. Another’s Financial Ruin

A common financial-related nightmare is being the cause of someone else’s financial ruin, either through a terrible accident or because of poor decisions on your part.

One commenter stated that this is a nightmare they’ve suffered that involved a car accident and something about their washer leaking, which caused their floor to fall through.

10. Drowning

Analogies are a very usual experience when dreaming of a troublesome situation. For example, people often speak of ‘drowning in debt,’ According to one individual, it also rings true regarding nightmares.

Financial Stress and Dreams

Suffering from anxiety is a common occurrence everyone has going on in their lives. Still, finances can be a particularly lurid pain point when debt begins to outweigh income far.

Learning to deal with debt in a manageable, responsible fashion can go a long way in relieving some of the anxiety around financial assets and burdens.

Changing how you think about and handle your income, budget, and debt can mitigate some of the anxiety around your money matters and hopefully alleviate the nightmares you have associated with money.

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