FU Money:  What Is It And How Much Money Is Enough?

FU money means that you have reached a state of financial stability, where you no longer rely on a specific job for a paycheck. You have enough money saved and invested that now you are the one in control as to whether you’ll stay at your job or not. 

What is FU Money?

Isn’t FU Money Just An Emergency Fund?

This type of money saved and invested will sustain your cost of living well beyond six months. And it affords you to choose whether to work or not.   It can be money that helps you achieve financial independence, but it also doesn’t necessarily mean it will last the rest of your life.

Why FU Money Matters

Here’s why FU money matters and is powerful:

- Gives you more control of where and when you want to work - You don’t work for money, instead, you make money work for you - Removes stress about money that you might be feeling

Who Needs FU Money?

Everyone should pursue FU money in some capacity. Not everyone will reach it and not everyone will have the same amount or time frame to get there. And It’s also based on personal situations and the efforts put in to reach this status. 

How Do You Build FU Money?

1. Get an overview of your finances

2. Start cutting expenses and saving money

How Do You Build FU Money?

3. Boost your income

4. Be meticulous with your budget

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