The Best of Invested Wallet – Top Posts in 2018 (And My Favorites)

I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to do this type of post to recap 2018, but looking back I felt like there is enough content to discuss.

December 2018 was my official six months of Invested Wallet being live for the world to see. And it was a full four months since I began really putting some marketing behind the website.

It’s seen some really great growth in that short time, but needless to say, I’m hungry for more. I have a feeling 2019 is going to be a great year for Invested Wallet.

That being said, many of you reading the blog or even coming to this post are probably very new. If you are new, welcome! If you are coming back to the site again, thank you for returning!

Growing a blog is HARD. But, it’s also been one of the best decisions I’ve made in 2018. If you are looking to start your own WordPress blog and need tips on growing your site, this post is for you.

Popular Invested Wallet Posts of 2018

Since the official site launch of Invested Wallet in mid-June 2018, I’ve published 35 articles, with 1 guests post and one sponsored post. In hindsight, that’s not a whole of content or you may be thinking that seems low.

I’ve approached content with the mindset of quality over quantity. My articles are all typically 1,200-2,000 words and I was only publishing 1x a week. I’d rather give you my best and solid detail, then small nuggets of generic content 3-5x a week. It takes me a bit of time to write these posts, edit, publish, and promote.

Also, I work full-time as the head of marketing where I also do a lot of content work. My brain is fried and writing out a few pieces of content a week is REALLY HARD. However, I found a groove and process in late 2018 to streamline my writing. I’m hoping to now consistently get 2 posts a week instead of 1 like I was doing.

Below are my 10 most popular posts based on traffic indicators in Google Analytics from June 2018 launch to the end of the year.

  1. 14 Bad Money Habits That Will Keep You Broke Forever
  2. 7 Side Hustle Ideas That Have Full-Time Income Potential
  3. 9 Best Personal Finance Books to Boost Your Financial Knowledge
  4. How To Start A WordPress Blog and Begin Building Passive Income
  5. 12 Better Money Habits You Need To Start Doing Right Now
  6. Four Years of Stock Investing On My Own: The Lessons I’ve Learned
  7. Financial Freedom Is Not About Money, It’s About Living Your Best Life
  8. The Common Money Mistakes You Need to Avoid Completely
  9. The 3 Problems with the Current FIRE Movement
  10. ‘Tis the Season: 8 Money Resolutions For The New Year

My Favorite Invested Wallet Posts of 2018

Additionally, some that did not make the most popular list were some of my favorites to write. Mainly because I was passionate about the topic or felt like it was a hidden gem.

Generally, these articles I do not necessarily target for a broad audience or SEO, but feel they have some great value.

Here are ten of my favorite Invested Wallet articles from 2018

6 Personal Finance Mistakes I made in My Twenties (But Don’t Regret Now). I enjoy writing personal stories, but I also think it helps you relate as I’m sure many people made these mistakes too. This was almost therapeutic to reflect back on my mistakes and realize how important they were to shaping my finances now.

These Three Things Are Major Contributors to Your Current Money Problems. This was another passionate article I wrote. It’s also one I think we fail to realize these things have an influence on our spending and finances. This also was syndicated on Rockstar Finance and CampFIRE Finance, which was super cool.

The Best Asset You Need to Invest in First: Yourself. Not one of my most trafficked blog posts, but I’ve gotten great feedback from those who read it. While I’ll write about investing in stocks, real estate, etc. you can’t forget to invest in yourself.

The Financial Events that Fueled These 12 Personal Finance Bloggers. I did this one for fun and got a lot of great answers. Many other finance bloggers had something specific in their lives to trigger their interest, I wanted to hear what it was.

Financial Freedom Is Not About Money, It’s About Living Your Best Life. This was my first post syndicated on Rockstar Finance, but also it’s more of my philosophy to money. This one resonated well and if you haven’t read it, would love to get your thoughts.

Are You On Your Own Personal Finance Journey? Don’t Compare Yourself to Others. Another earlier post that was more of my philosophy and approach to help others. Again, not one of my most read posts, but got some great feedback.

Why You Need To Face Your Current Net Worth Head On, Regardless of How Scary That Sounds. When people first look into their finances, sometimes we often want to ignore our net worth. I certainly did at first too. But it’s important to know this number and helps you better understand the big picture.

Four Years of Stock Investing On My Own: The Lessons I’ve Learned. This really put my stock investing in perspective and what I learned over the years. Hope this can help other beginners who are new to investing.

The Number One Reason Most People Are Broke Or Have No Emergency Fund. There are of course other reasons, but I found that most are doing this one thing. Another fun one to write.

How I Invested Over $50,000 While Tackling Personal Debt in a Few Short Years. I wrote this early on when no one was reading the blog. But, I hope this helps others stuck in a rut figure out how to save, invest, and pay off debt at the same time.

Some Content Highlights

One strategy I focused on was being mentioned in articles and having some content syndicated. Looking back at 2018, the mentions I got and the size of the publications was crazy. I didn’t even realize until I looked back.

What well-known publications was I mentioned in?

  • Business Insider (2x)
  • Time
  • MSN
  • Huffington Post (2x)
  • BestLife
  • Yahoo Finance (2x)
  • GoBankingRates
  • BBC
  • ValuePenguin

I have two other in the works, but have been taking a bit longer due to compliance and the holidays. Additionally, I was syndicated twice on Rockstar Finance, which is always an honor.

I hope in 2019 to expand that above feature list, get syndicated more on Rockstar Finance, and it would be cool to be syndicated on another publication like MarketWatch or Business Insider.


I want to thank anyone who has visited Invested Wallet, became a recurring visitor, commented, tweeted, pinned, etc. any of my content.

Starting a blog and growing it is never easy. Getting people to read your blog can also be challenging, but every visitor and every comment matters.

No matter how big this blog may ever get, I will be forever humbled.

Here’s to 2019!